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Page Forms defines various special pages, used for a variety of purposes.

Five special pages are defined that serve as "helper forms", to help users create parts of the data structure:

  • Special:CreateForm - lets a user create a new form. (Zobacz przykład strony)
  • Special:CreateTemplate - lets a user create a new template. (Zobacz przykład strony)
  • Special:CreateProperty - lets a user create a new Semantic MediaWiki property. Available only when Semantic MediaWiki is installed. (Zobacz przykład strony)
  • Special:CreateCategory - lets a user create a new category. (Zobacz przykład strony)
  • Special:CreateClass - a page that creates all the elements for a single "class" at the same time - template, form, category and (if Semantic MediaWiki is installed) properties. Access to this page is dictated by the 'createclass' MediaWiki permission; by default, it is available to all logged-in users.

See the page Quick start guide for a brief tutorial on using these helper forms.

The first four of these special pages can also be accessed directly from the page for a form, template, property, or category, respectively, if such a page has not been created yet. Any such page should have, in addition to the standard "Create" tab, a "Create with form" tab that brings users to an interface for creating that page with the appropriate helper form.

This "Create with form" tab can be disabled for templates and categories, if you don't want users to always create those using the helper forms. To do that, add the following to LocalSettings.php, after the inclusion of Page Forms:

$wgPageFormsShowTabsForAllHelperForms = false;

Two special pages provide lists of the data-structure pages within the wiki:

Finally, four special pages are used in the standard running of Page Forms:

  • Special:FormEdit - lets a user either create or edit a page using a user-created form. (Zobacz przykład strony)
  • Special:FormStart - used to route a user to either 'FormEdit' or the relevant page's "edit with form" tab. This page should not be accessed directly by users.
  • Special:RunQuery - lets a user run a query, using a form; see Creating query forms for more information.
  • Special:UploadWindow - lets a user upload a file; very similar to the standard Special:Upload page, but without the skin. This page is called from within a form, and should not be accessed directly by users.
  • Special:MultiPageEdit - lets a user select a template and edit all the pages that contain it using a spreadsheet-like interface. The user can also create new pages and rename existing ones. Other features of the special page include pagination and a selector for selecting the number of rows to display at once. It currently supports text, text area, checkbox, date, combobox and tokens input types. (Zobacz przykład strony)