Rozšíření:Page Forms/Známé chyby a plánované funkcionality

This page is a translated version of the page Extension:Page Forms/Known bugs and planned features and the translation is 17% complete.

Below are some notable known bugs, and major planned features, for Rozšíření:Page Forms .

You can also see a listing of bugs and requested features in the Phabricator Page Forms listing.

Známé chyby

  • If a form contains a section input followed directly by a free text input, there is no way for the code to know which text belongs in the section and which in the free text, so it will all end up in the section input when the page is edited. For that reason, it is not recommended to have a free text input directly after a section input.
  • Files whose names contain non-Latin characters get those characters messed up when they are uploaded via forms - the files themselves are uploaded correctly, but the resulting text that shows up in the form is incorrect.
  • If you use the default MediaWiki URL style, #formlink won't work with the "button" link type. Instead, you should use "post button".
  • The "mandatory" setting does not work within popup forms.
  • Some extra JavaScript-based features, like expandable elements and #info tooltips, don't work in multiple-instance templates for instances that are newly-added by the user within the form. (On the other hand, this does work for the tooltips provided by the SimpleTooltip and RegularTooltips extensions, due to those extensions' use of hooks.)
  • If the Rozšíření:CodeEditor extension is installed, it may conflict with Rozšíření:Page Forms ' preview action.

Plánované funkcionality