Extension:Page Forms/Getting support

There are various ways to get support for Page Forms, including questions, suggestions, bug reports and feature requests.

  • You can use either of these two mailing lists:
Which mailing list you use will probably depend substantially on whether you use Semantic MediaWiki. (From June 2007 to July 2009, Page Forms (then called "Semantic Forms") had its own mailing list - you can see the archives here.)
  • Use the IRC channel #mediawiki on libera.chat.
  • Place questions on the discussion page.
  • You can submit bug reports and requests for new features at MediaWiki's Phabricator site, here; enter MediaWiki-extensions-PageForms as the project name. (The current list of known bugs and requested features for Page Forms can be found here.)

There is currently only one book that provides documentation on Page Forms : Working with MediaWiki, which is a general reference guide for MediaWiki, that happens to be written by the author of the extension, Yaron Koren. The book is available in printed, e-book and PDF forms.

If you want more in-depth support, or you would like to hire someone to set up forms on your wiki, a large number of options exist - see the professional support page on semantic-mediawiki.org, and the Professional development and consulting page on this wiki.

Contributing patches


If you found some bug and fixed it, or if you wrote code for a new feature, please create a patch by going to the main PageForms/ directory, and typing:

git diff > «../path/to/descriptivename.patch»

Then go to the relevant bug report/task in Phabricator , or create one if one doesn't exist, and attach this patch file to it.

If, for any reason, you don't wish to use Phabricator , feel free to simply send this patch, with a description, to Yaron.



Translation of Page Forms is done through translatewiki.net. The translation for this extension can be found here. To add language values or change existing ones, you should create an account on translatewiki.net, then request permission from the administrators to translate a certain language or languages on this page (this is a very simple process). Once you have permission for a given language, you can log in and add or edit whatever messages you want to in that language.