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Multi-Category Search
Release status: stable
Implementation Search, Special page , Data extraction
Description Extension introduces a new special page Special:MultiCategorySearch, that allows users to find pages that are included in several specified categories at once.
Author(s) Iaroslav Vassiliev (CodeMonktalk)
Latest version 1.69 (2016-12-13)
MediaWiki MediaWiki 1.8 or higher
Database changes No
License GNU General Public License 2.0
Example 1 (English Version)
2 (German Version)
3 (Russian version)

  • $inCategoriesNumber
  • $exCategoriesNumber
  • $useDropdownLists
  • $insertEditTools
  • $paramsPassMethod
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The Multi-Category Search extension allows users to find pages that are included in several specified categories at once (pages that intersect Intersection.jpg multiple categories). By default a user can specify up to 5 categories to intersect, and optionally up to 3 categories to be completely excluded from search. Upon many requests, drop-down lists were introduced in version 1.3, and since version 1.5 it's now possible to fill drop-down lists automatically with subcategories of some parent category. Extension was first released on January 23rd, 2008‎.

Purpose and usageEdit

The extension is very important, if you need, for example, to find all articles about American comedy movies released in 1990 on your cinema-related wiki. In this case you just need to go to [[Special:MultiCategorySearch]] special page, specify three categories there: "USA films", "Comedy films" and "1990 films", and click on search button. That's it - you get the list of movies.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called MultiCategorySearch in your extensions/ folder.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php:
    require_once "$IP/extensions/MultiCategorySearch/MultiCategorySearch.php";
  •   Done – Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.


General configuration settings are set in five variables in the beginning of MultiCategorySearch_body.php file.

Maximum number of categories that user can select:

var $inCategoriesNumber = 5;

Maximum number of categories that user can exclude from search:

var $exCategoriesNumber = 3;

When set to true, drop-down lists with predefined categories are shown on the search form. Categories for drop-down lists must be predefined in showDropdownLists() function in the end of MultiCategorySearch_body.php file.

var $useDropdownLists = false;

When set to true, script inserts MediaWiki:Edittools at the bottom of the search form. Edittools allow a user to insert special characters in an easy way. Remember, that EditTools require Extension:CharInsert to be installed and AJAX to be enabled (global $wgUseAjax variable must be set to true in LocalSettings.php file).

var $insertEditTools = false;

Default HTTP method of passing parameters. Change it to 'get' if required.

var $paramsPassMethod = 'post';


By transclusion the multi-category search results could be dynamically shown on some other page. Transclusion format is:

{{Special:MultiCategorySearch/include=Category 1/include=Category 2/exclude=Category 3}}

Version historyEdit

  • 1.69 — An update to suit MediaWiki 1.27 and 1.28.
  • 1.68 — An update to suit MediaWiki 1.26.
  • 1.67 — An update to suit MediaWiki 1.24.
  • 1.66 — Minor bugfix.
  • 1.65 — An update to suit MediaWiki 1.21.
  • 1.64 — Multiple transclusions on one page have been enabled.
  • 1.63 — An update to suit MediaWiki 1.19. Drop-down lists configuration system has been simplified.
  • 1.62 — An update to suit MediaWiki 1.18.
  • 1.61 — Minor bugfix.
  • 1.6 — Localized messages caching system has been updated.
  • 1.5 — An option to fill drop-down lists automatically with subcategories of some parent category has been added. Minor bugfix.
  • 1.4 — A patch by William Moore has been applied, allowing Special:MultiCategorySearch page to be transcluded.
  • 1.38 — Minor bugfix.
  • 1.37 — Minor changes.
  • 1.36 — Minor bugfixes.
  • 1.35 — Minor internal improvements.
  • 1.34 — Minor internal improvements.
  • 1.33 — Listing of articles, which are not included in specified categories, is now available even if no category was selected to search for.
  • 1.31 — Minor bugfix.
  • 1.3 — Optional drop-down list selection was added.
  • 1.21 — Edittools file has been added; database tables prefixes recognition was enabled.
  • 1.01 — Minor bugfix.
  • 1.0


  • Spanish messages by José Zarco
  • German messages by Astrid Kuhr
  • French messages by Thierry Giroux Veilleux
  • Dutch messages by Nanda Jansen
  • Russian messages by Iaroslav Vassiliev
  • Turkish messages by Helmut Oberdiek
  • Hebrew messages by Avner Pinchover
  • Polish messages by Dawid Kamola
  • Italian messages by Cristian Filagrossi
  • Japanese messages by Kouichi Nishizawa
  • Czech messages by Vojtěch Zlámal
  • Swedish messages by Tomas Kindahl


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