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MobileFrontend supports various configuration options that you can define in LocalSettings.php after calling require_once "$IP/extensions/MobileFrontend/MobileFrontend.php";.

Note that for a simple site adding $wgMFAutodetectMobileView = true; might be all you need to make it Just Work™.

Configuring mobile browser auto detectionEdit

Configuring the main pageEdit

Configuring a skinEdit

At time of writing, MobileFrontend is packaged up with the Minerva skin.

You can override this by using the configuration flag  $wgMFDefaultSkinClass

By default this is configured to:

// $wgMFDefaultSkinClass = 'SkinVector'; // use Vector skin for your mobile site skin.
// $wgMFDefaultSkinClass = 'SkinTimeless'; // Use Timeless skin for your mobile site skin.
$wgMFDefaultSkinClass = 'SkinMinerva'; // Default - use Minerva as your mobile site skin.

Enable NearbyEdit

MobileFrontend provides the Special:Nearby page with a little configuration. To get this to work a few optional steps are required:

  • Due to browser security you will need to be running a secure site over SSL: it is not possible to request a users location over HTTP
  • Install GeoData
  • Run update.php
  • In LocalSettings.php add $wgMFNearby = true;
  • Add data to your articles to one or more pages {{#coordinates:37.786971|-122.399677|primary}} see the documentation for GeoData for syntax details

Alternatively you can use an alien MediaWiki instance for Nearby with the following 2 lines in your LocalSettings. The nearby endpoint will be used to find related content to a given location.

$wgMFNearbyEndpoint = '';
$wgMFNearby = true;