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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Tag , Special page
Description openstreetmap widget that helps to organize mapping
Author(s) Maximilian Högner (Leberwurschttalk)
Latest version 1 (2010-04-16)
License GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
Download http://hoegners.de/Maxi/mappingstatus/mappingstatus.zip
Example http://hoegners.de/Maxi/mappingstatus/demo/

What can this extension do?Edit

MappingStatus is a MediaWiki extension for Openstreetmap. With it being installed, you can use the <mappingstatus> tag to add Openstreetmap maps on wiki pages. An editing GUI is integrated.

To help organizing mapping, users can mark areas on the map and declare how well that region is mapped already.

The extension is tested in Firefox 3.5.9, IE8, Opera 10.10, and Midori 0.1.9 (using libwebkit-1.0-2). It is programmed mostly in conservative JavaScript and uses OpenLayers, the rest is PHP. If you visit the wiki without JavaScript being enabled, you see text areas containing the map code, which is reasonably readable and in fact usable if sensible labels were assigned. The edit link works too, but of course you won't see the map but you have to edit the code.


Add <mappingstatus id="0"></mappingstatus> somewhere in your wiki page. A map will show up. Click Edit and select the polygon drawing tool in the right upper corner of the map. Draw a polygon by clicking into the map and finish it by double-clicking. Now select the hand tool and click onto the polygon. A window will show up that allows you to adjust the status symbols, the label and to specify an article to be opened when the polygon is clicked. You can proceed adding further polygons.

When finished, click Save. Now your article contains a map with regions marked, and when you hover these regions, the mapping status is displayed. You can add multiple maps to one wiki page, just make sure you have distinct IDs. IDs must be integers.

Some things can't be set with the GUI currently and must be done by hand:

  • to adapt which symbols are displayed, add a line like symbols Car Housenumbers.
  • you can choose between Mapnik, Osmarender and Opencyclemap layers by adding one of:
    • layer mapnik
    • layer osmarender
    • layer opencyclemap
  • you can specify the size of the map in pixels, e.g.
    • width 400
    • height 400

Download instructionsEdit

  • Go to [1] and download 'mappingstatus.zip'.


  • unzip 'mappingstatus.zip'
  • upload the 'mappingstatus' folder into the 'extensions' folder of your mediawiki installation
  • add this line to LocalSettings.php :