Not to be confused with Extension:JsonConfig.
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Release status: unmaintained
Author(s) Rob Lanphier (RobLatalk)
MediaWiki >= 1.35.0
License BSD 3-clause "Modified" License
  • $wgJsonDataConfigArticle
  • $wgJsonData
  • $wgJsonDataConfigFile
  • $wgJsonDataConfig
  • $wgJsonDataNamespace
  • $wgJsonDataPredefinedData
  • $wgJsonDataDefaultTagHandlers
  • $wgJsonDataSchemaFile
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The original purpose of jsonwidget was as a Javascript library to make collaboration on JSON files possible with MediaWiki. In 2011, the JsonData extension for MediaWiki was created. Some of the schema handling code was ported from Javascript to PHP, and the extension was deployed on jsonwidget.org in 2012 (back when jsonwidget.org ran on MediaWiki).

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