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Release status: unstable
Implementation Tag
Description Adds tag to output Jira issues.
Author(s) St├ęphane GALLAND (sgalland-arakhnetalk)
Latest version 1.0
MediaWiki Unknown (not 1.19.x)
License GPL
Example Check usage can't find JiraIssueList
Translate the JiraIssueList extension if it is available at
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JiraIssueList is used to embed a list of issues from the JIRA issue tracker in a MediaWiki page. This extension is a fork of the JIRA extension which is adapted to Janus Project and then generalized.



JiraIssueList extension uses the CollapsableText extension. You must install it to use JiraIssueList.


  1. Download JiraIssueList,
  2. Unpack the archive in your Mediawiki directory
  3. add require_once('extensions/JiraIssueList/JiraIssueList.php'); in your LocalSettings.php.


The JiraIssueList extension uses a SOAP connexion to the JIRA issue tracker. You must enable this feature in your JIRA configuration panel.

JiraIssueList extension uses several global variables which may be set in LocalSetting.php:

  • $jiraHost
    Defines the URL of the Jira website which is providing SOAP service.
  • $jiraUser
    Defines the login to use to be connected to the JIRA SOAP service.
  • $jiraPass
    Defines password of the account to use to be connected to the JIRA SOAP service.


JiraIssueList provides the tag <jiraissuelist />. This tag is expanded to list of issues extracted from the JIRA issue tracker.

<jiraissuelist options> projectName, projectName... </jiraissuelist>:

  • projectName is the name of the project on the JIRA SOAP service.
  • options are:
    • ascendent=" true|false ": sort the issues in ascendent or descendent order
    • max=" number ": restrict the output of the issues to the given number of entries
    • offset=" number ": start to display issues from the given offset, not yet supported due to SOAP service restrictions
    • search=" text ": restrict issues to whose matching the given text

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