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Release status: unstable
Implementation Tag
Description Adds tag to output Jira issues.
Author(s) St├ęphane GALLAND (sgalland-arakhnetalk)
Latest version 1.0
MediaWiki Unknown (not 1.19.x)
License GPL
Download http://www.arakhne.org/mediawiki/JiraIssueList/
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JiraIssueList is used to embed a list of issues from the JIRA issue tracker in a MediaWiki page. This extension is a fork of the JIRA extension which is adapted to Janus Project and then generalized.

Example: http://www.janus-project.org/index.php/Issues:Janus


JiraIssueList extension uses the CollapsableText extension. You must install it to use JiraIssueList.


  1. Download JiraIssueList,
  2. Unpack the archive in your Mediawiki directory
  3. add require_once('extensions/JiraIssueList/JiraIssueList.php'); in your LocalSettings.php.


The JiraIssueList extension uses a SOAP connexion to the JIRA issue tracker. You must enable this feature in your JIRA configuration panel.

JiraIssueList extension uses several global variables which may be set in LocalSetting.php:

  • $jiraHost
    Defines the URL of the Jira website which is providing SOAP service.
  • $jiraUser
    Defines the login to use to be connected to the JIRA SOAP service.
  • $jiraPass
    Defines password of the account to use to be connected to the JIRA SOAP service.


JiraIssueList provides the tag <jiraissuelist />. This tag is expanded to list of issues extracted from the JIRA issue tracker.

<jiraissuelist options> projectName, projectName... </jiraissuelist>:

  • projectName is the name of the project on the JIRA SOAP service.
  • options are:
    • ascendent=" true|false ": sort the issues in ascendent or descendent order
    • max=" number ": restrict the output of the issues to the given number of entries
    • offset=" number ": start to display issues from the given offset, not yet supported due to SOAP service restrictions
    • search=" text ": restrict issues to whose matching the given text

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