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Next release

The next planned release is: ?

Planned future features

These features are being considered by the developers of the extension for inclusion. This does not mean they cannot be worked on by anyone, feel free to submit a patch on the talk page if you develop the feature.

Tag i18n

The <headertabs/> and {{#switchtablink: parser function names could be i18n. We should always support these standard names however additional localized names would be ideal.

Feature requests

If you would like to see a new feature added to Header Tabs, or have developed your own feature not listed above, please use the start discussion link here. If you have a patch file, please link to it directly. This is for feature requests only, support requests should still go to the talk page.

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Kghbln (talkcontribs)

I believe it would be utterly cool to have subheader tabs, too. They could be generated by inserting a <subheadertabs /> tag which picks up on the second header, e.g.

= Header 1 =
== Subheader 1 ==
== Subheader 2 ==
<subheadertabs />
= Header 2 =
= Header 3 =
<headertabs />

Thus two second level headers would be rendered below "Header 1". Cheers (talkcontribs)

subheader tabs is not working

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Kghbln (talkcontribs)

We would like to see a functionality where one can define a default view tab per <headertabs /> definition (and not using LocalSettings). When using <headertabs / default="foo"> instead of going to the first tab the default="foo" would define a default tab that is viewed first. For example using HT in SForms where the general textarea needs to come last, means that the user always have to go through other tabs before he/she can start writing and having a possibility to declare <headertabs / default="foo"> would save some time for the user.

Scholtalbers (talkcontribs)
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Embedding links into tabs

Ofbeaton (talkcontribs)
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