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Manual ekstensi MediaWiki
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Status rilis: stabil
Implementasi Hook
Deskripsi Menambahkan skrip tepat sebelum </head> dari wiki
Perancang awal
Versi terbaru 1.1.1 (2021-12-03)
MediaWiki >= 1.29.0
Perubahan basis data Tidak
Lisensi Lisensi MIT

  • $wgHeadScriptName
  • $wgHeadScriptCode
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The HeadScript extension allows scripts to easily be added just before </head> of the wiki.

The code for the head script is defined in "LocalSettings.php" and is controlled by variables. This implementation makes it easy for inexperienced users to implement head scripts just before </head> of the wiki. It also makes it possible to add head scripts that cannot be changed or removed, such as would be possible by wiki administrators if the head script were added to the site notice. This makes the extension particularly useful for placing Cookie Consent plugin or CSS style links, as such content cannot be removed by abusive or rogue administrators.


  • Unduh dan letakkan berkas-berkasnya di dalam sebuah direktori yang bernama HeadScript di folder extensions/ Anda.
  • Tambahkan baris berikut di bawah LocalSettings.php Anda:
    wfLoadExtension( 'HeadScript' );
  • Configure as required.
  •   Selesai – Telusuri ke Special:Version di wiki Anda untuk memastikan ekstensinya berhasil dipasang.


Satu atau lebih HeadScript dapat ditambahkan ke suatu wiki. HeadScript dapat terdiri dari HTML dan/atau JavaScript.

To configure the head script, add the following to "LocalSettings.php" after the installation line:

$wgHeadScriptCode = <<<'START_END_MARKER'

Leave untouched the first and last line with START_END_MARKER stuff, this is a special syntax of PHP (without it, it would be tricky to deal with apostrophes inside the script). Do not add whitespaces around the last line’s marker, it would break it (more details about this syntax). Do add new line after.

Untuk menambahkan skrip tambahan, cukup sertakan skrip di antara markah:

$wgHeadScriptCode = <<<'START_END_MARKER'

Anda juga dapat memberi nama untuk skrip jika diperlukan, tambahkan yang berikut ini setelah baris instalasi:

$wgHeadScriptName = 'my-wonderful-script';

META and LINK elements can also be added, such as:

$wgHeadScriptCode = <<<'START_END_MARKER'
<meta name="author" content="Wikimedia Foundation" />
<link rel="author" type="text/plain" href="/humans.txt" />