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Manual för MediaWikitillägg
Utgivningsstatus: stabil
Genomförande Parserfunktion
Beskrivning Gets metrics from Google Analytics
Författare Ike Hecht (Tosfosdiskussion)
Ansvarig(a) WikiTeq team
Senaste versionen 1.0.2 (januari 2023)
Kompatibilitetsregler For every MediaWiki release that is a Long Term Support release there is a corresponding branch in the extension.
MediaWiki 1.35, 1.39
Förändringar i databasen Nej
Composer mediawiki/google-analytics-metrics
Licenser GNU General Public License 2.0 eller senare
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  • $wgGoogleAnalyticsMetricsViewId
  • $wgGoogleAnalyticsMetricsExpiry
  • $wgGoogleAnalyticsMetricsAllowed
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The GoogleAnalyticsMetrics extension gets various metrics from Google Analytics and inserts them into a wiki page using a parser function. This extension was created for WikiWorks.

The GoogleAnalyticsMetrics extension may not be appropriate for your site if you have data security and privacy concerns. The extensions inserts JavaScript code in each page served, and the code causes the client to contact Google services to process and aggregate data. Your site's users will be subjected to tracking and data mining regardless of the Do Not Track or Global Privacy Control browser settings.


  • Setup Google Analytics API by following Step 1 here
  • Install the Google Client Library by following Step 2 here
  • Enable Google Analytics Reporting API in your Google Cloud Console
  • Ladda ner och placera filen/filerna i en katalog som heter GoogleAnalyticsMetrics i din extensions/-mapp.
    Utvecklare och personer som bidrar med kod borde istället installera tillägget från Git, med:cd extensions/
    git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/GoogleAnalyticsMetrics
  • Kör bara Composer när du installerar från Git för att installera PHP-beroenden, genom att använda composer install --no-dev i tilläggets katalog. (Se ärende T173141 för tänkbara besvär.)
  • Lägg till följande kod längst ner i din LocalSettings.php -fil:
    wfLoadExtension( 'GoogleAnalyticsMetrics' );
  •   Klart – Ta dig till Special:Version på din wiki för att bekräfta att tillägget har installerats ordentligt.


Parserfunktionen googleanalyticsmetrics tar tre parametrar, i form av {{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=Metrikens namn|page=Sidnamn|startDate=Startdatum|endDate=Slutdatum}}:

{{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=Name of metric|page=Page Name|startDate=Start date|endDate=End date}}
Metrikens namn
The name of the Google Analytics Metric that should be displayed. The full list of Google Analytics metrics is here. Omit the ga: prefix.
The name of the page. This parameter is only used when the metric is a per page metric.
Show the metric since this date (optional). Defaults to 2005-01-01, which is the beginning of time according to Google Analytics.
Show the metric until this date (optional). Defaults to today.

Båda parametrarna använder formatet: År-Månad-Dag.


This example displays the number of page views for this site, from the beginning until the end of time:

{{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=pageviews}}

Show the number of sessions from February 3, 2011 until today.

{{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=session|startDate=2011-02-03}}

Show the average session duration until February 1 2012:

{{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=avgSessionDuration|endDate=2012-02-01}}

Show the number of page views for last month only, with the help of the ParserFunctions extension:

{{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=pageviews|startDate={{#time:Y-m-d|first day of last month}}|endDate={{#time:Y-m-d|first day of this month}}}}

Or, to make that nicer:

{{formatnum:{{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=pageviews|startDate={{#time:Y-m-d|first day of last month}}|endDate={{#time:Y-m-d|first day of this month}}}}}}

Show the number of page views for a page, from the beginning until the end of time:

{{#googleanalyticsmetrics: metric=pageviews|page=Main_Page}}

See this page for some help with formatting this extension's output.

There is also a {{#googleanalyticstrackurl:http://urlhere|link text}} function but it only works if the ga js library has already been loaded.


An array containing the name of Google Analytics metrics that are allowed to be retrieved by the extension. Defaults to *, which allows all metrics.
The email address of the Google Analytics account.
Path to your certificate key file.
Google Analytics View ID.

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