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Gliffy Public
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Parser function
Description Provides ability to display public Gliffy diagrams.
Author(s) chazbot7, Nick Townsend
Latest version 1.1
MediaWiki 1.24+
License No license specified


Provides integration with Gliffy online diagrams. I have only tested it with 1.24+, but I'm sure it will work with old versions as well.


  • Displays the public Gliffy diagram.
  • Provides an "Edit with Gliffy" link that opens the editor for that diagram.


  • Download the required files from the download link, and add the Gliffy folder to your extensions directory.
  • Make sure you have ParserFunctions enabled:
require_once ( "extensions/Parser_Functions/ParserFunctions.php" );
  • Add this line to your LocalSettings.php:
require_once ( "extensions/Gliffy/Gliffy.php" );
  • Add the following tag with the drawing ID to your wiki page:
<div id="gliffy-123456"><gliffy did="123456" /></div>

The additional div outside of the 'gliffy' hook prevents the diagram from loading at the bottom of the page. The JavaScript essentially looks for that outer div tag and replaces the HTML within. Not sure why, but the previous method of replacing the gliffy hook was causing the diagram to load at the bottom of the page.


Currently, the extension only allows public diagrams to be displayed. To allow viewing of private diagrams, OAuth must be used with the Gliffy API. Hopes are to someday have this included in the extension.


Gliffy PublicEdit

Release Date Notes
1.1 01-27-2016 Changed usage tag and load procedure to prevent diagram from loading at the bottom of the page. Previous fix did not work.
1.0 01-25-2016 Initial Release

Changes from initial townsen projectEdit

The original "Gliffy" extension that this extension is based off of is located here.

Because no updates were being made to this extension, and the Gliffy extension is unmaintained, I made the necessary changes and uploaded here.

Changes made to townsen's extension:

  • Updated the "Edit with Gliffy" link to the correct URL.
  • Moved the JavaScript document into the extension, and changed the script to load at the proper time (There were issues with the extension displaying at the bottom of the wiki page)
  • Added a button & image to the "Edit with Gliffy" link.