GeoGebra Applet Parameters edit

You can also pass GeoGebra applet parameters like showMenuBar, showReseticon and so on. Example:

<ggb_applet height="200" width="400" showMenuBar="true" showResetIcon="true" ggbBase64="AbCd67Fg...KhRs" />

At wiki.geogebra.org you find a list of Applet parameters

Special Parameters edit

Parameter filename obsolete edit

The parameter filename should not be used any more. It is supported by the new versions of GeoGebra Mediawiki extension only for sake of backward compatibility.

Use parameter ggbBase64 instead (this is done automatically by the export function of GeoGebra and GeoGebraTube).

Technical information: If you use the syntax filename = "example.ggb", then the file example.ggb and the GeoGebra JAR files (Java archive files, e.g. geogebra.jar) have to come from the same server for security reasons (same origin policy). This is, the GeoGebra JAR files have to be stored at the server who is hosting the wiki. Using parameter filename means setting useLocalJar = "true" automatically.

useLocalJar = true edit

This parameter is of very special use: You want to use a wiki without connection to the internet, e.g. by using a XAMPP installation on USB stick? Or do you use an obsolete wiki which uses parameter filename?

Then you have to upload the following files from http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/unsigned/unpacked/ to $IP/extensions/GeoGebra.

  • geogebra.jar
  • geogebra_cas.jar
  • geogebra_export.jar
  • geogebra_gui.jar
  • geogebra_main.jar
  • geogebra_properties.jar

If you want to use fast loading of Java applets, also upload the following packed files from http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/unsigned/packed/

  • geogebra.jar.pack.gz
  • geogebra_cas.jar.pack.gz
  • geogebra_export.jar.pack.gz
  • geogebra_gui.jar.pack.gz
  • geogebra_main.jar.pack.gz
  • geogebra_properties.jar.pack.gz

Make sure you use unsigned JAR files.

By default, useLocalJar = "false". That means, geogebra.jar is fetched from www.geogebra.org.

If useLocalJar = "true" is set explicitly, or if geogebra.jar is not found at www.geogebra.org (server down), geogebra.jar will be searched in the same directory as GeoGebra.php.


<ggb_applet height="200" width="400" showMenuBar="true" showResetIcon="true" filename="MyFile.ggb" useLocalJar = "true" />

useSignedJar = true edit

The parameter 'useSignedJar' has precedence over parameter 'useLocalJar'. If useSignedJar='true', the signed JAR files from www.geogebra.org are used. Digital signing makes it possible for the GeoGebra applet to change to an application by doubleclicking. This application is able to write GGB files to the local hard disc.