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GWToolset (or GLAMWikiToolset) is a Special Page extension. The main goal of the extension is to allow GLAMs the ability to mass upload content (pictures, videos, and sounds) to Wikimedia Commons based on respective metadata (XML); the intent is to allow for a wide variety of XML schemas. The extension goes about this task by presenting the user with several steps, represented by HTML forms, in order to set-up a batch upload process that will upload content and metadata to the wiki, which creates individual mediafile pages for each item uploaded.

The project was co-funded by Europeana and a few Wikimedia chapters[1].

Further information can be found on the project page. Your feedback and questions are welcome, feel free to contact us.


The purpose of this page is to gather Wikimedia community input on the proposed architecture and technologies for the GLAM Toolset Project in order to meet Goal 1 : GLAM Upload System.


  1. Production : An extension on Wikimedia Commons
  2. Test : Wikitech Instance
  3. Development : Local checked out version of the project

Repository & Code ReviewEdit

  1. GWToolset on GitHub
  2. GWToolset on Gerrit
  3. GWToolset Initial draft on Gerrit

Back-End LanguageEdit

  1. PHP (Archived 1998-07-01 at the Wayback Machine) >= 5.3


  1. none


  1. Zend Framework 2
  2. MediaWiki

Requirements & Potential SolutionsEdit

  1. Maintain versioned Metadata Sets
  2. Maintain versioned Metadata Mappings
  3. Maintain versioned Mediafiles

Other CodeEdit

Possibly incorporate code and/or concepts in existing projects:

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