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Release status: stable
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Description Embed Image Viewer of Flickr photo-set in MediaWiki pages. Slideshow and Geotag are available.
Author(s) Shohei Yokoyama
Latest version 1 (2010-07-06)
License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
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What can this extension do?Edit

This extension is an image viewer for Flickr's photo-set. The main features are follows:

  • Simple setting
    • Just write <flickrset>Photo set id of Flickr</flickrset>
  • Rich presentation
    • Thumbnail List
    • Slideshow
    • Geotag (on Google Maps)
  • Extra
    • Banner-style link




  • Install HTTP_Request2
    yum install php-pear-HTTP-Request2

Flickr APIEdit


    wget http://www.sencha.com/products/core/download.php?dl=extcore31
    unzip ext-core-3.1.0.zip
    cp ext-core-3.1.0/ext-core.js /path/to/the/mediawiki/script

Google Maps v3 APIEdit

  • Nothing to do

FlickrSet ExtentionEdit

  • Download FlickrSet extension and extract into the extensions/FlickrSet directory
    wget http://shohei.yokoyama.ac/images/a/a1/Mediawiki_flickrset_v1.tar.gz
    mkdir extensions/FlickrSet
    tar -xvzf mediawiki_flickrset_v1.tar.gz -C extensions/FlickrSet
  • Set permission for the cache directory
    chmod 666 extensions/FlickrSet/cache
  • or
    chown apache:apache extensions/FlickrSet/cache
    chmod 600 extensions/FlickrSet/cache
  • Set Flickr API key and secret in FlickrSet.php
    define("wfFLICKRSET_APIKYE", "abababababababababababababababab"); //<----Change!
    define("wfFLICKRSET_SECRET", "cdcdcdcdcdcdcdcd"); //<--------------------Change!
  • External JavaScript libraries' setting
    //   Google Maps V3 API
    define("wfFLICKRSET_LOADGMAP",true); //If it is loaded by the other extension then set "false".

    //   Ext core 3
    define("wfFLICKRSET_LOADEXT",true); //If it is loaded by the other extension then set "false".
  • Add this line at the end of LocalSettings.php
    require_once "$IP/extensions/FlickrSet/FlickrSet.php";
  • Try!



Alternatively you can download the file from the link here.


Image ViewerEdit

  • Create Image Viewer from Flickr photo-set
  • Save the viewer source code into cache directory
  • Load Image Viewer from cache
  • Show the viewer

Cache ControlEdit

  • Basis
    • If the viewer source code does not exist in cache directory then it is created using Flickr APIs. This process is complicated, takes some time to create cache.
    • If the viewer source code exists in cache directory then the photo viewer is loaded from cache.
  • Cache update
    • Change plus/minus sign
    • Ex.:
    • Ex.:

Image Viewer SecondaryEdit

  • No cache creation
  • No cache rebuild
  • Show Image Viewer from cache


  • Create a banner from Flickr photo-sets
  • Save the banner source code into cache directory
  • Show the banner with a page-link

Examples and More InformationEdit

See my Wiki page for further examples and more information.