Extension:FlaggedRevs/flaggedrevs table

This table contains all revisions which are flagged ("reviewed").

Fields edit

fr_rev_id edit

rev_id of the flagged revision.

fr_page_id edit

page_id of the page to which the revision belongs.

fr_user edit

user_id of the user which reviewed this revision.

fr_timestamp edit

Time when the revision was reviewed.

fr_comment edit

fr_quality edit

fr_tags edit

fr_text edit

fr_flags edit

Comma-separated list of flags. Contains "auto" for autoreviewed revisions.

fr_img_name edit

fr_img_timestamp edit

fr_img_sha1 edit

fr_rev_timestamp edit

Timestamp of the revision (should be the same as corresponding rev_timestamp in revisions table).

Schema summary edit

Field Type Null Key Default Extra
fr_page_id int(11) NO 0
fr_rev_id int(11) NO 0
fr_user int(5) NO 0
fr_timestamp varbinary(14) NO
fr_comment mediumblob NO None
fr_quality tinyint(1) NO 0
fr_tags mediumblob NO None
fr_text mediumblob NO None
fr_flags tinyblob NO None
fr_img_name varbinary(255) YES None
fr_img_timestamp varbinary(14) YES None
fr_img_sha1 varbinary(32) YES None
fr_rev_timestamp varbinary(14) NO