• en: This data is used by FileImporter to transfer images from French Wikipedia to Wikimedia Commons.
  • fr: Ces données sont utilisées par CommonsHelper2 pour transférer des images des autres projets Wikimédia vers Commons.

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Categories edit

Bad edit

The presence of any of these categories should prevent a transfer to Commons.

  • සියළු නො-නිදහස් මාධ්‍ය

Templates edit

Good edit

This template needs to be present to greenlight transfer to Commons (can be lowercase)

  • PD-self
  • wikipedia-screenshot
  • cc-by-3.0

Bad edit

The presence of any of these templates should prevent a transfer to Commons (can be lowercase)

  • NowCommons
  • UOC
  • keep local

Remove edit

These templates will be removed during transfer.

  • ToCommons

Transfer edit

  • Local parameters can be 1, 2, 3... for unnamed parameters; this will not work for Commons parameters
  • Prefix commons parameter with "@" to have it language-tagged : {{de|Zeug}}
  • Prefix commons parameter with "+" to add this parameter in Commons with the value after "="

Information edit

Description edit

Headline of the Description (e.g. Summary):

  • Résumé
  • Resumé
  • සාරාංශය

Licensing edit

Headline of the Licensing (e.g. Licensing):

  • Licensing
  • බලපත්‍රීකරණය
  • අවසර දීම

Source wiki info edit

You can define which template should be added to the file on the source wiki to signal that it has been moved to Commons. This definition is done on Wikidata. Please do not add this info here.