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Extension:EventLogging/Comparison notes

These are notes for comparing our current ideas about how to track events and funnels on Wikipedia with current industry standards.


Google AnalyticsEdit



  • Best front page/interactive dashboard out of all the others, imho – clean & simple timeline of event fires
  • Tracking is separated out by user-specified events (e.g., "accept eula", "submit answer") and built in properties (browser, location, referrer, search engine/keyword). Custom funnels can be created by combining these elements and can be applied retroactively (past day, past week, past 30 days)
  • Also a cool segmentation feature to create an ad hoc funnel – useful for playing around with data slicing in real time.
  • Retention feature: shows numbers and percentages of users who did a one-time function and then came back to do anything in the following days, weeks, months, etc.