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实现 通知
描述 Send textual diffs of page changes inside the notification emails
作者 Greg Sabino Mullane (Turnstep留言)
最新版本 1.9 (2017-11-14)
MediaWiki 1.29+
许可协议 MIT授權條款
  • $wgEmailDiffSubjectSuffix
  • $wgEmailDiffCommand
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The EmailDiff extension modifies outgoing notification emails by providing a text diff of all changes made. This enables you to see the changes without having to leave your mail client.


  • 下载文件,并将其放置在您extensions/文件夹中的EmailDiff目录内。
  • 将下列代码放置在您的LocalSettings.php 的底部:
    wfLoadExtension( 'EmailDiff' );
    A new hook will need to be added to the file includes/mail/EmailNotification.php. Inside the function sendPersonalised, right before the "return" line, add:
Hooks::run( 'SendNotificationEmail',
    [ $watchingUser, $this->oldid, $this->title, &$headers, &$this->subject, &$body ] );
  •   完成 – 在您的wiki上导航至Special:Version,以验证已成功安装扩展。


The extension works by replacing the word $PAGEDIFF in the email notification template with the actual diff. Therefore, you will need to edit the MediaWiki:Enotif_body page on your wiki to add that string.

It is recommended that you put some short summary information at the top before the diff. Here is one suggested layout:


Activate for users

In Preferences -> User profile add a tick in Send a diff of changes


Or activate the extension for all users in LocalSettings.php by adding:

$wgDefaultUserOptions['enotifshowdiff'] = true;

Configuration parameters

If you need to change these, add them to your LocalSettings.php after the wfLoadExtension command above:

  • $wgEmailDiffSubjectSuffix - String to be added to the end of the subject line. Defaults to (diff)
  • $wgEmailDiffCommand - Command to perform the diff. Seldom needs to be changed from the default.