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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation User interface
Description Add popup field to display reference's content
Author(s) Nordtalk
Latest version 0.8.2b
License No license specified
Example TestPage
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The ElmEasyRef extension add popups field to display reference's content. So when user click on reference, he will see:


Note: extension does not provide <ref> and <references /> tags, so you should install extension like Extension:Cite first

Download instructionsEdit

Download latest version from and extract it to the MediaWiki "/extensions/" directory


Copy it from


To install this extension, add the following lines at the end of LocalSettings.php file:

# ElmEasyRef Extension

Configuration parametersEdit

If it is necessary you can change standart behaivor of extension by adding following options after the require_once:

// If debug mode is on (true), debug messages will be enabled and uncompressed version of js-script will be attached
$wgElmEasyRefDebugMode = false;

// Full path to additional css file, which can change styles of referencefield.css
$wgElmEasyRefAddCSS = '';

// Field metrics
$wgElmEasyRefMetrics = array(
    // Min size of popup field
    'min_width'  => 140,
    'min_height' => 40,

    // Size of collapsed popup field
    'col_width'  => 400,
    'col_height' => 140,

    // Size of expanded popup field (Max size)
    // Note: popup apear in collapsed mode first. 
    //       Expanded mode is for large references and opened with "More button"
    'exp_width'  => 400,
    'exp_height' => 380

// Animation properties
$wgElmEasyRefAnimation = array(
    // If true, enable apear animation
    'enable' => true,
    // Interval delay
    'delay'  => 50,
    // How long width and height will grow up
    'stepw'  => 1.2,
    'steph'  => 3     

// bodyContent: ID of element which contain articles body
$wgElmEasyRefBodyContentId = 'bodyContent';

// Regular expression to retrieve number of reference (for links look like: [123])
// (with no / /)
$wgElmEasyRefNum_rp = '(<.*?>)';    // strip that first
$wgElmEasyRefNum_mt = '([0-9]+)';   // search

Changing StyleEdit

By default popup field look so:


Easy way of changing it is to set $wgElmEasyRefAddCSS parameter. It will load aditional css which overwrite current one.

    // Will make field green
    $wgElmEasyRefAddCSS = $wgScriptPath . '/extensions/ElmEasyRef/css/refield-green.css';

    // Will make field red
    $wgElmEasyRefAddCSS = $wgScriptPath . '/extensions/ElmEasyRef/css/refield-red.css'; 

    // Will make field gray
    $wgElmEasyRefAddCSS = $wgScriptPath . '/extensions/ElmEasyRef/css/refield-white.css';

Also you can change style by yourself with editing $IP/extensions/ElmEasyRef/css/referencefield.css file directly

See alsoEdit