Version 1.0Edit

Configuration changesEdit

  • Configuration parameter names have been shortened.
  • Messages have been widely renamed.
  • The messages are now stored in the new JSON format.

New featuresEdit

  • Pages using the functions in the Lua interface are now added to the tracking category named by the message dple-tracking-category.
  • An interface class DpleFeatureInterface is provided to facilitate the development of new features.

Languages updatedEdit

  • Support was added for French (fr).
  • Support was added for Italian (it).

Other changesEdit

  • Filenames and class names have been shortened.
  • The functions in the Lua interface are now marked as expensive.

Version 0.3Edit

Modified featuresEdit

  • In DynamicPageListEngineFeatureCategory, the column for the timstamp of addition to the first category is now aliased as cl_timestamp. This does not change anything unless you directly use DynamicPageListEngineQuery::getResult().

New featuresEdit

Version 0.2Edit

This is the first version that has been published.