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  • Three landing pages and sets of subpages for users in different roles:
    1. Developers and third-party users How the extension works, how to install, how to contribute, current technical issues and development roadmap. Site: mediawiki.org.
    2. CentralNotice administrators, community users How to set up campaigns and banners, how to translations work; guidelines and community procedures; not-very-technical overview of how CentralNotice works. Site: meta.wikimedia.org.
    3. Operations and deployers Details of WMF configuration, caching setup, operations issues, deployment procedures. Site: wikitech.wikimedia.org.
  • Each landing page has an overview of CentralNotice, an index of subpages and links to the other landing pages.
  • Existing documentation:
    • Review for a list of topics that should be covered, so we don't forget anything important.
    • Archive or delete out-of-date documentation.



Overview (all landing pages)


CentralNotice is the Mediawiki extension used to deliver announcements (usually in the form of banners) to WMF wikis. It's used heavily by the Fundraising team to solicit donations, and for announcements of interest to Wikimedia communities and users. CentralNotice can target announcements by country, language, project, device and logged-in status.

[As would appear on mediawiki.org] This page has information for CentralNotice developers and wiki administrators who would like to install CentralNotice on their own sites. To learn how to create or request CentralNotice campaigns and banners, and how to help with translations for banners, please see CentralNotice on meta.wikimedia.org. For information about CentralNotice on the WMF's cluster, see CentralNotice on wikitech.wikimedia.org.