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MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Parser function
Description Generate bugzilla reports
Author(s) Ian Homer (CiaranGtalk)
Latest version 1.3 (2013-08-04)
MediaWiki 1.15.1+
License Apache License 2.0
Download Latest

BugzillaReports generates great looking reports from Bugzilla which you can include in your MediaWiki pages (or in fact any PHP application). Great to provide access to Bugzilla info, for example:

  1. Generate release notes when you release
  2. Generate roadmap reports for what's coming in a future release
  3. Generate your personal task radar - what should you be doing next
  4. Access controlled reports - if you want to expose bugzilla summaries to those who don't have access to Bugzilla
  5. Provide reports easy for non-techies to read.

Displays dependency reports, last comments for bug when you hover over the bug, supports interactions with voting & flagging and helps you to see what needs to be done next. Read below for more bells and whistles. Makes reporting on your bugs much easier than through the standard Bugzilla search UI. It's your controlled window onto Bugzilla ...


  • Bugzilla 4.x (use the older v1.1 release for Bugzilla 3.0.x / 3.2.x / 4.2.x)
  • MediaWiki 1.15.1 or later
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL


  1. Download the most recent fork of this extension from https://github.com/jnwatts/BugzillaReports
  2. Unpack bundle into your extensions directory of your MediaWiki install. This should give you

Add the following to the end of your LocalSettings.php file (bugzilla reports uses some wiki variables):

$wgBugzillaReports = array(
  'host'        => "localhost", 
  'database'    => "bugzilla",
  'user'        => "user",
  'password'    => "(your password)",
  'bzserver'    => "http://host"

If you want to use interwiki links (which is recommended and worth the extra effort of setting up)

  'interwiki'   => "bugzilla"

where parameters are defined as follows:

  1. host ⇒ defaults to localhost, but if Bugzilla not on same machine as your mediawiki install then set the hostname here
  2. user and password of the database user with read access to the bugzilla database
  3. To get the bugs to link through to Bugzilla server, use one of:
    1. bzserver ⇒ the URL of the bugzilla server for which the click through links should point to e.g. http://host". Note that the path "/show_bug.cgi?id=" is automatically added for you by the extension
    2. interwikiinterwiki prefix linking to bugzilla instance
      For example set up interwiki prefix of bugzilla to point to URL http://host/show_bug.cgi?id=$1
  4. maxrows ⇒ set maximum number of rows to display (defaults to 100)
  5. maxrowsbar ⇒ set maximum number of rows to use in bar chart generation (defaults to 100)



The most recent fork of this extension is at https://github.com/jnwatts/BugzillaReports


$wgBugzillaReports = array(
  'host'      => "localhost", 
  'dbdriver'  => "pg",
  'database'  => "bugzilla",
  'user'      => "bugs",
  'password'  => "password",

Multiple Bugzilla Instances


You can connect multiple Bugzilla Instances

$wgBugzillaReports = array(
 'host'        => "myserver.domain.com",
 'database'    => "bugs", 
 'user'        => "bugs", 
 'password'    => "mypassword",
 'bzserver'    => "http://myserver.domain.com/bugzilla/",
 'bzAlternateConfigs' => array(
     'SecondBZ' => array ( 
        'host' => "secondserver.domain.com",
        'database' => "bugzilla_number_two",
        'user' => "bugs", 
        'password' => "mysecondpassword",
        'bzserver' => "http://secondserver.domain.com/bugzilla/"
     'ThirdBZ' => array ( 
        'host' => "thirdserver.domain.com",
        'database' => "bugzilla_number_three",
        'user' => "bugs", 
        'password' => "mythirdpassword",
        'bzserver' => "http://thirdserver.domain.com/bugzilla/"

You will then be able to

 |priority=P1 - blocker,P2 - major
 |noresultsmessage="No matching bugs found."

Example Output



Note that the bubble appears as you roll over a bug that has a last comment set.



By Example


Generate a report from Bugzilla based on search criteria, e.g.

Bugzilla Report

List all open bugs - note that status defaults to NEW,ASSIGNED,UNCONFIRMED,REOPENED and maximum of 200 rows (by default) are returned. Results are sorted by priority.


Report on P3 and higher bugs


Report on a particular product version


Report on specific bug ids

Last Comment Bubbles

Report on all enhancements with the text wiki in the summary with last comment bubbles


Setting the lastcomment parameter will generate a report which renders the last comment in bundles in bubbles as you hover each row (see image left) This has been tested on Firefox 3 and Safari 3, but this option may have issues with other and older browser. I'd be happy to hear feedback on this feature.

Report on all bugs that are not new


Everything except P1 and P2 bugs


Set the message when no results are returned

  |noresultsmessage=all tasks complete

Tasks with votes against them






All tasks created by me but not assigned to me


All tasks I'm cc'd on but not created by me and not assigned to me


Display list in a format that's handy for cutting and pasting into emails


for example:

[IHO] (2008-07-22) Do something (#19)
[IHO] (2008-07-25) Do something else (#45)
[JBL] Don't forget this (#54)

Task Radar


This example gives you an idea of how to use the Bugzilla Reports extension to report on what you should be doing next:

{{task radar|me@bemoko.com}}

where task radar is defined as:

  |lastcomment=1|noresultsmessage=|heading=Up & Coming|depends=*}}
  |product=live|noresultsmessage=|group=milestone|heading=Live Enhancements|sort=priority,status|link=milestone~live}}
  |product=live|noresultsmessage=|heading=Live Bugs|sort=priority,status}}
  |product=sites|noresultsmessage=|group=milestone|heading=Live Sites|sort=priority,status}}

Parameter Usage

parameter values description
alias alias value(s) alias query field
bar column name field to summarise in a bar chart - note that this also works in conjunction with the group parameter to provide a set of bar charts.
bzurl hide Set to hide to hide the link to the Bugzilla search page that is by default provided in the header of each report
blocks id of blocking task (or "*" to include blocking tasks inline) blocks query field
cc single username Query for any task cc'd to the specified username, only supports single value
columns id, cc, component, deadline, modified, priority, product, severity, status, summary, to, version, estimated, remaining comma separated list of columns to display in the specified order
component component name component query field
created date created date query field
customprefix cf_ Prefix that all custom fields begin with, by default it is "cf_", but some installations do use a different prefix
deadline "*" ⇒ (any), "+" ⇒ (set) deadline query field
debug 0 or 1 Set to enable debugging - outputs SQL at end of table
depends id of dependent task (or "*" to include dependent tasks inline) dependent query field
dependsstatus status query field Specify criteria for display depends (and blocks rows), e.g. dependsstatus=!(CLOSED,VERIFIED) will not display CLOSED and VERIFIED tickets in dependency or blocks report. It defaults to !(CLOSED,VERIFIED,RESOLVED)
detailsrow same as values for columns comma separated list of columns to display in the specified order on a second row
detailsrowprepend any text Text to prepend the details row with
disablecache 0 or 1 Whether to disable the page caching or not. If this is false then the bugs up updated dynamically each time the wiki page is accessed - note that this will affect performance.
estimated number query Estimated query field
filters e.g. cf_mycustomfield%3Dmyvalue%26cf_application_server%3DTomcat% filter on any field including custom fields
flag username, e.g. me@bemoko.com search for all tasks flag for the specified user
format table (default), inline, count or list format for the report
from a valid username, e.g. me@bemoko.com reported by query field
group any column name as described in the columns field field to group report on
groupformat radar (headings set to relative date names, e.g. today, tomorrow, next week) format to be applied to group headings
grouporder (same as order parameter) order for group sorting
heading any text Heading to display above table (if there are tasks displayed in the report)
headers hide Set to "hide" to hide the header row
hide true Hide all detail rows, useful in conjunction with totals (and perhaps group) to just display sub-totals
id bugzilla id ID query field
instance Alternative instance of Bugzilla as defined in the LocalSettings.php
keywords Search against keywords
lastcomment 1 display the last comment for each bug
maxrows any integer less than that configured in the LocalSettings.php configuration Maximum number of rows to return
maxrowsbar any integer less than that configured in the LocalSettings.php configuration Maximum number of rows to return in calculation of bar reports
milestone milestone value(s) milestone query field
noresultsmessage any text message Set the message when there are no results matching the query
nameformat "real" (default), "login" or "tla" format of names, either real name, e.g. Ian Homer, login name, e.g. blah@blah.com, or three letter acronym, e.g. IHO
order desc (or asc) sort order, defaults to asc
priority P1,P2,P3,P4,P5 priority query field
product bugzilla product names product name query field
quickflag 1 If flag is set against task then identify with a small "?" next to the ID which displays more info on hover over
resolution DUPL,FIXED,REJECTED resolution query field
search anything free text search - only searches short_desc at the moment
severity blocker, critical, major, normal, minor, trivial, enhancement severity query field
sort any column name (or comma separated list of column names) as described in the columns field field to sort on
status NEW,ASSIGNED,UNCONFIRMED,REOPENED,RESOLVED,VERIFIED,CLOSED status query field, note that this defaults to !CLOSED
to a valid username, e.g. me@bemoko.com assigned to query field
total any column name (or comma separate list of column names) columns to display a total at the bottom. For non numberic columns it just displays a count of the rows
version bugzilla version name/number version query field
votes "+" ⇒ display any task with votes against it votes query field

All query fields can take the following constructs

  • value - single value to match
  • value1,value2, value3 - comma separate list of value to match
  • !value - match on everything except value
  • !(value1, value2, value3) - match on everything except the listed values
  • "*" - match on everything (useful to override inbuilt default of status)
  • "+" - match on not null
  • "-" - match on not set

Date Query Fields


Some date time based fields can be filtered using date query values:

  • -1w ⇒ 1 week ago
  • -1m ⇒ 1 month ago
  • -5d:+5d ⇒ between 5 days ago and in 5 days time
  • 2009-05-01:2009-05-31 ⇒ between two explicit dates


  • deadline=-5d:+5d ⇒ anything with deadline in the past 5 days or in the next 5 days
  • modified=-1m ⇒ anything modified in the last month
  • closed=2009-05-01:2009-06-01 ⇒ ticket closed in May 2009
  • created=2009-10-28:2009-10-29 ⇒ ticket opened on 28th October 2009 (note that 2009-10-29 is treated as first thing on 29th October 2009 so the range covers all of 28th October 2009 and none of 29th October - not an entirely intuitive implementation, and one that might be changed at some point to be the more intuitive definition of filtering to include both 28th and 29th October 2009)

Estimation Fields


Adding Bugzilla estimations to your report is a little bit tricky, because the parameters are not labled as the Bugzilla fields:

  • Orig. Est. - estimated
  • Current Est. - ?
  • Hours Worked - work
  • Hours Left - remaining
  • %Complete - ?
  • Gain - ?
  • Deadline - deadline

Column Formats




Modified column is displayed as follows

+++ => modified in last hour
++ => modified in last day
+ => modified in last two days
- => modified in last three days
. => modified in last 4 days

with text description, e.g. < 1 day, in the roll over pop up.

If you prefer to have the date format in long format, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD, then set the parameter "modifiedformat=date"

With Semantic MediaWiki


This extension works well with the Semantic MediaWiki by

  1. tagging your page with a property, e.g. [[task::52]]
  2. and then passing the results of semantic search into the bugzilla reports function, e.g.

{{#bugzilla:|headers=hide|id={{#ask: [[{{PAGENAME}}]] [[task::+]] | ? task | link=none | headers=hide}}}}


  • If you are having any issues with the use of this extension please
  1. include the following in your LocalSettings.php file
    $wgDebugLogGroups  = array(
        'BMWExtension'      => '/tmp/logs-mediawiki-BMWExtension.log'
    (Feel free to use any other location for your logs if /tmp is not appropriate)
  2. Include debug=1 in your bugzilla function call
    |heading=test 2
  3. If the error is related to a SQL failure then you might want to try the SQL command (as shown with the debug=1 enabled) directly in the SQL command line and observe the behaviour
  4. Send to me, along with a description of the issue, the output of this log, a copy of the {{#bugzilla:}} call and the relevant output from the wiki page.

Installing on an old version of MediaWiki


We installed this extension on a 1.11.2 MediaWiki. At first, the extension reported that we didn't have a recent enough MediaWiki version: "Sorry, but your MediaWiki version is too old for BugzillaReports, please upgrade to the latest MediaWiki version."

We got around this by including ParserOutput.php before the include of BugzillaReports, like this:

 require_once("$IP/includes/ParserOutput.php" );
 $wgBugzillaReports = array(
    'host'        => "localhost", 
    'database'    => "bugs",
    'user'        => "bugs",
    'password'    => "password",
    'bzserver'    => "https://bugzilla.dom.ain/bugzilla"

Hope this helps! /sjr/

Release Notes


vLatest - 1st January 2016


v1.3 - 4th August 2013

  • Minor fix for compatibility with MediaWiki 1.21
  • Fix for compatibility with Bugzilla 4.x. Will no longer work with 3.x.


  • BUG : [#26] - Bugzilla search link not provided if no parameters are applicable to give a search
  • BUG : [#27] - Fixed bug that led to some columns that were marked for removal weren't removed
  • BUG : [#33] - Assigned and closed fields not working, throwing SQL exception
  • BUG : [#39] - Add support for explicit style on report table, e.g {{#bugzilla:style=width:100%}}
  • BUG : [#49] - Update how parser functions are registered to latest MediaWiki techniques

v1.1 - 7th July 2009

  • [#1] - Add safety check that you're not on a really old release of MediaWiki
  • [#4] - Add support for inline of totals, e.g. E,W,R = {{#bugzilla:columns=+estimated,+work,+remaining|total=estimated,work,remaining|hide=true|headers=hide|format=inline}}
  • [#4] - Totals are reported as zero if no rows found (as opposed to blank, with no tickets found message)
  • [#8] - Add a format to inline a bug report, e.g. {{#bugzilla:debug=1|id=661|status=*|format=inline}}
  • [#13] - Added support for created filters, e.g. {{#bugzilla:created=-1m|createdformat=date}}
  • [#13] - Added support for filters on status change, e.g. {{#bugzilla:assigned=2009-05-01:2009-05-31}},
 {{#bugzilla:resolved=2009-05-01:2009-05-31}}, {{#bugzilla:verified=2009-05-01:2009-05-31}},
 {{#bugzilla:closed=2009-05-01:2009-05-31}}, {{#bugzilla:reopened=2009-05-01:2009-05-31}}
  • [#18] - Add support for attachments, e.g. {{#bugzilla:sort=attachments|order=desc|status=*}}
  • [#21] - Added support for reports on hardware and os, e.g. {{#bugzilla:columns=+hardware,os}}
 {{#bugzilla:columns=+hardware,os|os=Linux}}, {{#bugzilla:columns=+hardware,os|hardware=Macintosh}}
  • [#25] - Sortable set to true by default, if you want to disable the sortable links then set "sortable=0". Sorting now works for all columns even if details row is displayed, but sorting disabled when grouping is enabled
  • BUG : [#3] - Task repeated in report for tasks with multiple keywords when keywords displayed in report
  • BUG : [#5] - deadline (or any date) range matches did not work, e.g. deadline=2008-12-01:2008-12-31
  • BUG : [#6] - bugzilla query link not generated correctly for id matches, e.g. {{#bugzilla:status=*|id=1,2,3}}
  • BUG : [#11] - Support html in comments for last comment rendering, e.g. <table>
  • BUG : [#12] - "worked_hours" field will be multiplied by the number of keywords you have, e.g. {{#bugzilla:debug=1|columns=+work,+keywords|status=*|keywords=analytics|sort=id|total=work}}
  • BUG : [#17] - Support lastcomment in bugzilla 2.22 as well as 3.x
  • BUG : [#19] - bzurl wrong when using "blocks" criteria
  • BUG : [#20] - Fails to compute trigraph when name contains only one word
  • BUG : [#22] - support wiki style equals in comments without affecting the page TOC
  • BUG : [#24] - support "-" in database names by enclosing database name in backticks in generated SQL

v1.0 - 12th February 2009

  • Style class for severity set for the the tr element (row element) containing the bug details, so that (if you want) you can style based on severity. Style classes used are the exactly the same name as the severity value, e.g. "enhancement", "normal", "major", etc
  • Support for parameter "zeroasblank=false" to display numbers as "0" if it is actually 0. The default setting is to hide 0s
  • You can now set default parameters in the $wgBugzillaReports array defined in the LocalSettings.php for the whole wiki. This is great if you don't like the defaults out-of-the-box and you want to override, e.g. 'default' => "debug=1|zeroasblank=false|lastcomment=1". Note that if the parameter is set in the function call (i.e. on the wiki page) then this will override the default setting in the LocalSettings.php
  • Slight performance increase by switching to explode instead of split where appropriate
  • Support two modes for handling of custom field naming; (1) implicitcustom=false (default) - custom fields must start with a given prefix, as defined by customprefix (which defaults to "cf_") or defined in the comma separated list of defined in the parameter customfields - note that nowadays Bugzilla enforces that custom fields start with "cf_". E.g "columns=+cf_mycustom:MyCustom" (2) implicitcustom=true - if a column/field is referenced that is not in the supported parameter list then it is assumed to a custom field. The supported parameter list is the list of all parameters that this extension accepts - note that their is a risk of future conflicts if you use a custom field name of parameter that is later used as a parameter for this extension. e.g. "columns=+mycustom:MyCustom|implicitcustom=true". This setting can be applied in your global LocalSettings file by including "implicitcustom=true" in the in the "default" parameter of the $wgBugzillaReports array. This will set this mode across your whole wiki.
  • Make list format honour columns settings for "to" and "deadline", e.g. {#bugzilla:format=list|columns=+to}} to include to column and {{#bugzilla:format=list|columns=-to}} to not display it. Note that there is a change to default behaviour in that the "to" field is not displayed by default with {{#bugzilla:format=list}}
  • BUG : Support for setting title and custom fields in explicit columns list, e.g. columns=id:MYID,modified,cf_mycustom:MyCustom explicitly defines the columns that only should be displayed where the id column should have a title "MYID" and the cf_mycustom field should have the title "MyCustom"
  • BUG : milestone=--- matched as Special match. This is fixed so you can now filter on "---"
  • BUG : Correct the help link
  • BUG : Correct implicitcustom="true" mode where column name is not in supported parameter list giving summary not a valid field
  • BUG : {{#bugzilla:columns=work|lastcomment=1}} didn't work - giving error Not unique table/alias: 'longdescs'

v0.9.9 - 21st December 2008

  • BUG : Warnings in log files - "Missing argument 2 for BugzillaReport::getProperty()" and "Undefined variable: where in" - warnings resolved
  • BUG : "depends" and "blocks" query fields were not working - now they do.

v0.9.8 - 3rd December 2008

  • Add support for resolution field, e.g. {{#bugzilla:debug=1|columns=+resolution|resolution=fixed,invalid}}
  • Provide wildcard support {{#bugzilla:version=1.%}} to match for any version like 1.% and {{#bugzilla:version=!1.%}} to match for any version not like 1.%
  • Allow filtering by custom fields using the generic "filters" argument, e.g. {{#bugzilla:filters=cf_application_server%3DTomcat%}} will search for all bugs for which the cf_application_server is like 'Tomcat%'. Note that %3D is URL encoding for '='. Multiple filters can be applied by separating each filter by a '%26' (i.e. URL encoded '&'), e.g. {{#bugzilla:filters=cf_mycustomfield%3Dmyvalue%26cf_application_server%3DTomcat%}}
  • BZ enforces and encourages all custom fields to start with "cf_" however if you start the custom fields with an alternative prefix you can override this with the parameter customprefix.
  • The parameter 'disablecache' can now be set to "1" in the $wgBugzillaReports LocalSettings.php configuration to disable the cache for all BugzillaReports pages - please note that this will affect performance of the pages, but will dynamically update the bug information for the page each time the page is accessed. e.g $wgBugzillaReports = array(...other parameters ... , 'disablecache' => "1" );
  • Allow alternative bugzilla instances to be used by setting the "instance" parameter, e.g. {{#bugzilla:instance=instance1}}. These alternative instances are configured in the $wgBugzillaReports LocalSettings.php configuration using the appropriate namespaced parameters for the instance, e.g. $wgBugzillaReports = array(...other parameters ... , 'instance1:host' => "localhost",'instance1:database' => "myotherbugs",'instance1:user' => "bugs"). If no parameter exists for the given instance then the default values (i.e. those without a namespace) are used
  • Support comparisons in filter fields, e.g. {{#bugzilla:priority=<P4}} to search for all bugs higher than P4 and {{#bugzilla:version=>0.9}} to search for all bugs higher than version 0.9. Note that this is a simple SQL greater than or less than execution and hence follows the SQL comparison logic.
  • BUG : Sorting wasn't using the same naming as the field naming, it does now, e.g. you can use {{#bugzilla:product=live|columns=+to|sort=to}} now, previously you had to use {{#bugzilla:product=live|columns=+to|sort=assignedto}} for this

v0.9.7 - 21st October 2008

  • Allow column names to be set by, e.g. columns=+field:myfieldname, where "field" is the column name and "myfieldname" is the name of the column
  • Support custom fields in the columns and sort parameter, e.g. columns=+cf_customer and sort=+cf_customer. This can be used in conjunction with the column name feature above to include the column with, e.g., columns=+cf_customer:Customer. Note that custom fields MUST start with "cf_" as enforced in recent Bugzilla version by Bugzilla console.
  • Support for url-style decoding of fields (with SQL injection safety check - e.g. you can't do quotes) so product=%21MyProduct will search for bugs against product "!MyProduct". Note that product=!MyProduct will search for bugs not against product "MyProduct" hence the need to encode
  • Support multiple nested grouping levels, e.g. group=status,severity,priority,version
  • Support disabling of mediawiki cache for page so that report is dynamically generated from bugzilla database each page refresh, this is a performance hit so this caching is enabled by default, but this gives you the control to choose.
  • BUG : Some characters were showing as ?. Support has now been provided to control the db encoding - set $wgBugzillaReports = array( ... 'dbencoding' => "utf8" ...) in LocalSettings to set db encoding. Default is "utf8", so if your database is using UTF-8 then you don't need to use this setting.
  • BUG : Fix issues with some characters either corrupting the mediawiki page or not rendering the report at all.
  • BUG : Fix bug where ! in field string caused failure

v0.9.6 - 9th October 2008

  • Support relative date searches, e.g. deadline=+1w (anything with a deadline in less than a week), modified=-1m (anything modified in the last month), deadline=-5d:+5d (anything with deadline in the past 5 days or in the next 5 days)
  • Support for qa field - e.g. {{#bugzilla:columns=+qa}} or {{#bugzilla:debug=1|qa=whoever@bemoko.com}}
  • Include keywords bubble inside lastcomments bubble. By default each keywords is clickable through to a wiki page called "keyword mykeyword" (where mykeyword is the given keyword)
  • Support for format=count to display count of bugs
  • If number field is 0 then render number as empty string, e.g. if number of votes is 0 then it render as blank
  • Support link attribute to define which column value (or group heading) should link through to a wiki page, e.g. link=milestone~myproduct,component, will link the milestone column to [[myproduct 0.1|0.1]] (if milestone value is "0.1") and link the component column to [[ui]] (if the component value is "ui"). The ~ acts a separator to allow you to define a prefix of the linked page.
  • Setting parameter "sortable=1" provides client side sorting of table. This uses alphabetic sorting and not Bugzilla sort orders, nor numeric sorting. It is not supported alongside groups and barcharts.
  • Setting parameter "debug=2" generates more verbose debugging, including full dump of HTML report output
  • BUG : More accurately calculate bug count value for format=count

v0.9.5 - 25th August 2008

  • Support for range comparisons on modified, e.g. "columns=+modified|modified=2008-07-01:2008-08-01|modifiedformat=date|sort=modified" for everything modified in july and format modified as date (as opposed to the default relative symbols)
  • BUG: Correct missing ?php at the beginning of BugzillaQueryRenderer which was leading to php script not processing on some platforms

v0.9.4 - 23rd August 2008

  • Support usage of BugzillaReports outside of MediaWiki install and in any PHP application of your choice
  • Separate out query renderer from query execution in preparation for mobile rendering
  • BUG: Support spaces in field values in the bugzilla link. Note that this link can be turned off by setting bzurl=hide

v0.9.3 - 22nd August 2008

  • Added link to take you to the query in Bugzilla - link appears as a double arrow to the right of the summary column. Note that wgBugzillaReports property bzserver must be set to enable this functionality.
  • Support for search on keywords, i.e. keywords=php - courtesy of Gary Helmling of meetup.com
  • BUG: If you explicitly truncate table with maxrows in the parser function call then the warning "Report truncated" is now not displayed
  • BUG: Fixed combination of explicit id and lastcomment not working , e.g. id=47,256|lastcomment=1
  • BUG: Addressed warning mysql_free_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result which was coming about from incorrect db access checking. Note that this bug was not having any known functional side affects other that the warning log message.

v0.9.1 - 14th August 2008

  • Support comma separated sort, e.g. sort=status,priority
  • Add status in grey font at end of depends / blocks row
  • Added support for "estimated", "remaining" and "work" field
  • Added support for totals of rows, e.g. "total=estimate, remaining" provides a total summary at end of row. This can be used in conjunction with group to display sub-totals, e.g. "|total=estimate,work remaining|group=milestone|hide=true" would create a report of the estimated time, worked time and remaining time for each milestone.
  • Implement hide function to hide rows from the display (useful in conjunction with the total function to display just totals)
  • Set default sort to priority,status
  • Support for dependsstatus=... to specify criteria for display depends (and blocks rows) e.g. dependsstatus=!(CLOSED,VERIFIED) will not display CLOSED and VERIFIED tickets in dependency or blocks report. It defaults to !(CLOSED,VERIFIED,RESOLVED)
  • BUG: allow query fields with "-" and "/" in
  • BUG: fix issue with search query not working
  • BUG: allow query fields with "-" in
  • BUG: Fix Undefined index - BSQLQuery.php on line 121
  • BUG: Support use of the bugzilla connection being the same as the mediawiki connection

v0.9 - 21st July 2008

  • Support for postgres wgBugzillaReports in LocalSettings.php
    'dbdriver' => "pg" (note defaults to mysql)
  • Format modified column with relative dates
    +++ => modified in last hour
    ++ => modfiied in last day
    + => modified in last two days
    - => modified in last three days
    . => modified in last 4 days
    text description, e.g. < 1 day, pops up on roll over.
  • Don't display column headings if there's explicitly one task, i.e. explicitly set single id or alias
  • Support grouporder for ordering of grouping (desc or asc), also implicitly sort modified grouping with desc
  • Use autoloading of classes
  • BUG: Display column if field match set to any, e.g. status=*

v0.8 - 13th July 2008

  • Support heading which includes the heading (as an H1) above the report (only if there is content)
  • Support for empty noresultsmessage, if it's set to nothing then no no-results message will be displayed
  • Support for milestone search query and column name
  • Refactoring to improve supportability and future extensions
  • Support for "allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off" in php.ini without warnings
  • Clear up all warnings with "error_reporting = E_ALL" set in php.ini
  • Display tasks which a task is dependent on with "depends=*" and anything which blocks with "blocks=*" - assignee and status displayed on roll over (in the td title)
  • By default the real name is display for cc,to, from , etc names. If you want the login name to be displayed set "nameformat=login"
  • Support for name format as a succinct three letter acronym, e.g. Joe Blogs would be JBL and Jane Doe would be JDO, set "nameformat=tla" to enable this
  • Provided a simple list format configured by setting "format=list" which generates a list of tasks handy for cutting and pasting into an email
  • Support for alias in column and query
  • A little faint "+" appears next to any value if there's extra info when you roll over the value, for example if an alias is set then you see a little "+" and see the alias name when you roll over

v0.7 - 4th July 2008

  • Regression Warning : There were some inconsistencies and bugs relating to the naming fields in query field parameters, sort parameters and column parameters. This naming has been simplified and made consistent, however it does mean that the use of functions should be adjusted inline with this release. Naming is now as follows:
    status (instead of bug_status), severity (instead of bug_severity), id (instead of bug_id), summary (instead of short_desc)
  • Warnings now output to page to make troubleshooting easier
  • Implicitly add column to provide url associated with task. Column doesn't have a header so if no rows have urls then nothing shows up.
  • Provide support for last modified with the parameter, modified=+ or sort=modified|order=desc
  • Added group feature, e.g. group=product to group the report into different products, including groupformat=radar to render headers for dates as today, tomorrow, this week etc ...
  • Added experimental bar chart feature - e.g. bar=priority groups all rows into a bar chart of different priorities. I say experimental, since doesn't look great yet, but it's functional.

v0.6 - 1st July 2008

  • Fix setting of implicit sorting when some query fields set
  • Fix bug relating to array_fill_keys mandating two parameters

v0.5 - 1st July 2008

  • Optimise SQL to only do joins when needed
  • Support search on component name, component=mycomponent
  • Support for vote reporting, columns=+votes to include votes column and votes=+ to display only tickets with votes against them
  • Significant refactoring to make extension easier to maintain and to allow further DB integrations to be developed (including abstractions from mediawiki) - I expect to do be doing a vTiger MediaWiki extension in the coming months, and I've had feedback that people would like to run this functionality outside of mediawiki.
  • Implicit sort and ordering based on query parameters if no explit sort and ordering set, for example if you say you want to list all rows with deadline set, then sorting will be on deadline (unless explicitly set otherwise)
  • Support for "from","to" and "cc" meaning respectively who raised the ticket, who's it assigned to and who's cc'd
    • Renamed column and query field login_name to "to" (requires changes to any function calls which make reference to login_name)
    • Support for reporter query field and column, e.g. from=me@bemoko.com and columns=+from
    • Support for query field on cc, but note that comma separated and not operators are not supported for this field.
  • Implicity remove columns if query set for a single value, i.e. all values in the column would be the same
  • Implicity add columns if query set for not null, e.g. votes=+ or deadline=+ would implicitly add the deadline and votes column
  • Support query for flagged tasks, e.g. flag=+me@bemoko.com
  • Make sort on deadline put earliest date first and nulls at end

v0.4 - 30th June 2008

  • Fix query for free text match - using search parameter
  • Changed default status to !CLOSED
  • Default maxrows changed to 100
  • Support maxrows as parameter into function call (as well as server config max) - note function call value can't be higher than server config value
  • Support spaces in comma separated query list
  • Default columns changed to "bug_id,priority,bug_status,bug_severity,version,name,short_desc" with login_name removed
  • Support adding and removing columns from the default by using "column=+deadline" or "column=-name", or "column=+deadline,-name"
  • Support sort, e.g "sort=deadline" and ordering "order=desc"
  • Support search for deadline set "deadline=+" and deadline not set "deadline=-"
  • Change "name" column to "product" to make it more obvious and consistent

v0.3 - 26th June 2008

  • Improve UI rendering of lastcomment bubbles
  • Fix the css to get tables rendered better
  • Improved error handling of mysql_query

v0.2 - 26th June 2008

  • Render last comment for a bug in jQuery bubble - use the lastcomment parameter
  • Support for negation of query fields
  • Installation download bundle provided

v0.1 - 25th June 2008

  • Baseline reporting functionality


  • Thanks to Mark Voelker for the multiple bugzilla instance support