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Release status: beta
Implementación Tag
Descripción Displays a list of authors that contributed to an article, sorted by number of edits.
Autor(es) ThomasKeldertalk
MediaWiki Tested on 1.12-1.13 (but could work on older versions)
Licencia Apache License 2.0
Descarga svn.bigcat.unimaas.nl
Ejemplo Homo_sapiens:Sandbox
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The AuthorInfo extension displays a list of users that contributed to an article. The list is sorted by number of edits and you can optionally set maximum number of users to display.

This extension was built for the WikiPathways project. You can find an example here.


Add this text to the page where you want to show the list of authors for:

<AuthorInfo limit="4"></AuthorInfo>

Instrucciones de descargaEdit

Descarga los siguientes archivos:

Y ubícalos en $IP/extensions/ExtensionName/ExtensionName.php.

$IP son las siglas de Installation Path, es decir, la ruta o directorio donde se ha instalado MediaWiki, el mismo directorio que contiene LocalSettings.php , index.php , etc..


Para instalar esta extensión, agrega lo siguiente a LocalSettings.php :

#add configuration parameters here
#setup user rights here


There appears to be a typo in AuthorInfo.php which causes the incorrect path to be created for the javascript and therefore fails:

Línea 6:

$wfAuthorInfoPath = WPI_URL . "/extensions/AuthorInfo";

Debería ser:

$wfAuthorInfoPath = $WPI_URL . "/extensions/AuthorInfo";

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