Article feedback/Public Policy Pilot

This page lists the Functional Requirements for the Public Policy Pilot of the Article feedback feature.

Feedback from the Public Policy Initiative has been and will continue to be incorporated into this feature. The Public Policy Initiative will decide whether to use the data as part of their project evaluation.

Objectives edit

  • Encourage user participation by giving readers the ability to assess an article
  • Give readers and editors a glanceable average of (user generated) ratings

Timeline edit

We aim to have this feature in production by September 15, 2010.

Possible users edit

  • Reader A - an occasional wikipedia reader
  • Reader B - frequent wikipedia reader
  • Expert Reader - subject matter expert reader
  • Editor A - copyeditor
  • Editor B - contributor to that article
  • Expert Editor - one of the main contributors to the article

Feature Requirements edit

Input and Display edit

  • There will be the following 4 categories, each with a five-star rating:
    • Well-sourced
    • Complete
    • Neutral
    • Readable
  • There will be tooltips to describe each category of rating (Amy to provide descriptions)
  • There will be a link to provide feedback on the feature. This link will go to a survey (see proposed questions)
  • For a given user and article, there are the following states for review:
    • Haven't reviewed at all
    • Have reviewed current revision, let user change review
    • Haven't reviewed current revision, but reviewed previous revision, let user re-review, give message that their review is stale
  • There will be two areas (boxes) upon page load:
    • Rate this article box: for reader to provide ratings:
      • Averages will not be reflected in stars
      • Once user submits ratings, page will reload and reflect action just taken
      • Number of ratings (below) increments
    • Average ratings box: displays average of ratings + total number or ratings per dimension in graphical form
      • Averages calculated by taking average of last 10 ratings. If there are fewer than 5 ratings, we will display "Not enough ratings to provide average" message.
      • There will be links to view the average ratings in graphical form.
  • Re-rating an article (stale ratings)
    • Once a user has rated an article, they will be prevented from rating it again unless the stale requirement has been met
    • Stale requirement: if there has been at least 5 edits since the last review, we will inform the user that their review may be stale (messaging needs to be soft and cannot imply that the article is stale). The user may then re-rate the article.
  • Updating Article Averages (stale averages)

Analytics edit

  • Ideally, we would have page views per article so that we know the ratings rate = (number of ratings) / (total views of page)
  • We also need some measurement of ratings completion = (users that complete the rating process) / (users that start the rating process)
  • Ways of analyzing ratings distributions in aggregate (vs. one article at a time).

Known issues edit

  • Re-rating current revisions should be allowed. This is a bug in the existing software.

Pilot requirements edit

  • This feature will exist only on a subset of pages designated by the Public Policy Initiative
  • This feature will be available to all users (not just logged in)

Design edit

Feedback Form Questions edit

Technical requirements edit

Available at Article feedback/Public Policy Pilot/Technical

Analysis and postmortem edit

Notes edit