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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation API , Search
Description Extends the SMW (Semantic MediaWiki) API with support for #ak queries
Author(s) Hermann S. (Pixilabtalk)
Latest version 1.0 (2012-07-12)
License GNU General Public License 3.0
Download AkAPI_1.0.zip
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The AkAPI extension allows you to retrieve information from SMW in XML-Format such as:

  • 1. A list of Attributes used in a Wiki-Category
  • 2. A list of Attributes used on a Wiki-Page
  • 3. A list of Attribute-Values for a certain Attribute
  • 4. Possibility to search for pages using attributes and attribute-values.


Please read the explanation in your API-description.

  • api.php?action=ak&cat=CATEGORY&get=attributes
  • api.php?action=ak&sub=PAGE&get=attributes
  • api.php?action=ak&get=ATTRIBUTE
  • api.php?action=ak&get=[[ATTRIBUTE1::VALUE1]][[ATTRIBUTE2::VALUE2]]||[[ATTRIBUTE3::VALUE3]]
  • Type cat=YOUR_CATEGORY to get all attributes for a certain category.
  • Type sub=YOUR_PAGE to get all attributes for a certain page.
  • Type get=ATTRIBUTE to get all attribute-values for a certain attribute.
  • Type get=[[ATTRIBUTE1::VALUE1]][[ATTRIBUTE2::VALUE2]]||[[ATTRIBUTE3::VALUE3]] to start an attribute-based search.


This extension depends on Semantic MediaWiki to work. Versions: 1.5-1.7.1 of Semantic MediaWiki are supported.

Source CodeEdit

AkAPI can also be downloaded over a GIT-Repository at http://code.google.com/p/tk-pixilab-mediawiki-akapi