Version 1.2.0Edit

Configuration changesEdit

The extension is now loaded using the wfLoadExtension() mechanism introduced in MediaWiki 1.25. It is therefore incompatible with older MediaWiki versions.

Version 1.1.1Edit

Bug fixesEdit

  • Check for existence of page-specific preload message now works.

Version 1.1.0Edit

Configuration changesEdit

Version 1.0.0Edit

Other changesEdit

  • Preload text is now displayed within a comment so that the user can comfortably choose to leave it there.
  • An active personal URL is now bold in all skins (it used to be in Monobook but not in Vector because that is what MediaWiki's CSS says).
  • Also non-existing pages opened for editing are now formatted as active.

Version 0.4.1Edit

Bug fixesEdit

  • When creating a new personal page, text is preloaded only if the relevant preload message exists.
  • If the request contains already a preload text, that preload text is not changed.
  • $wgExtensionFunctions is used so that mw-config now works.

Version 0.4Edit

Configuration changesEdit

A number of enhancements have been implemented which considerably reduce the need for customization by site administrators.

  • Configuation is very different from version 0.31. See Extension:AddPersonalUrls#Configuration (or the file CONFIGURE in the distribution) for details.
  • AddPersonalUrls is now shipped with an i18n messages file which provides default messages for the languages de, en, fr and it. Thus, unless you want to use other languages or to customize the messages, you don't need to setup custom messages any more.
  • The extensions Call and DynamicPageList (third-party) are not needed any more.

Bug fixesEdit

  • In version 0.31, the person icon beneath the first URL used to disappear when using this extension. This has been corrected.

New featuresEdit

  • URLs can now contain external links. See Extension:AddPersonalUrls#Configuration (or the file CONFIGURE in the distribution) for details.
  • The array of URLs is now indexed with a name, which allows applying CSS to each single item.
  • In the Vector skin, icons are added to the new as well as to the existing icons.
  • When a personal page does not exist, the URL opens the page for editing, and a text explaining the purpose of this page is preloaded.

Other changesEdit

  • The code has been reviewed in order to comply better with the guidelines on mediawiki.org.

Version 0.31Edit

Adapted to the new version of Extension:DynamicPageList which does not have a dedicated special page any more.

Version 0.3Edit

Configuration parameter is now a class member.

Version 0.21Edit

Bugfix in mypages.

Version 0.2Edit

Configure items via a customizable array.

Version 0.1Edit

First version published.