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リリースの状態: 保守されていない
実装 特別ページ , 検索, データ抽出, ページの操作
説明 Creates pages for scholarly paper results
作者 Alessandra Bilardi (Bilarditalk)
最新バージョン 0.1 (2009-10-13)
MediaWiki 1.14+
データベースの変更 いいえ
ライセンス GNU 一般公衆利用許諾書 2.0 以降
ダウンロード v0.1
  • $wgAddPaperTemplateName
  • $wgAddPaperCacheDir
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The AddPaper extension provides a special page that creates pages about paper data online results. Special:AddPaper is a simple form that takes the ID type and one or more paper IDs (monospaced). The extension searches paper ID data online and adds one page for each paper ID (with a template).

This extension was developed to create specific pages with DPL queries about certain papers.

It currently only supports PubMed papers with ID type PMID.


In LocalSettings.php add the following code:

// add AddPaper
$wgAddPaperTemplateName = 'Paper'; #optional: default name is Paper 
$wgAddPaperCacheDir = '/tmp/file/directory';


You would like add a paper, PMID:17381884. So you open Special:AddPaper, select the PMID ID type, enter ID 17381884, then click Add Paper. The extension creates a page with title 17381884 and content:

 |authors=Vida VL, Angelini A, Ausoni S, Bilardi A, Ori C, Vlassich F,
 Zoso V, Milanesi O, Sartore S, della Barbera M, Zaglia T, Thiene G, Stellin G, 
 |title=Age is a risk factor for maladaptive changes in rats exposed to
 increased pressure loading of the right ventricular myocardium.
 |journal=Cardiol Young

Following is a simple template to look paper data (copy, paste and delete all newline):

 | {{#if: {{{notauthors|}}}| {{!}} {{{notauthors|}}}. | 
 {{#if: {{#explode:{{{authors}}}|,|4}}| {{!}}{{#explode:{{{authors}}}|,|0}}, 
 {{#explode:{{{authors}}}|,|1}}, {{#explode:{{{authors}}}|,|2}}, ''et al.'' | 
 {{#if: {{{authors|}}}| {{!}} {{{authors}}}. }} }} }} 
 {{#if: {{{year|}}}| ({{{year}}}) }} 
 {{#if: {{{title|}}}| ''{{{title}}}'' }} 
 {{#if: {{{journal|}}}| '''{{{journal}}}'''. }}  
 {{#if: {{{volume|}}}| {{{volume}}}{{#if: {{{issue|}}}| ({{{issue}}})}}
 {{#if: {{{pages|}}}|{{Colon}}{{{pages}}}.}}}} 
 {{#if: {{{pmid|}}}| [[pubmed:{{{pmid}}}|Pubmed]]. }}