Engineering Community Team/Planning/2014/07

July 2014Edit

  • Get Architecture guidelines text to 90%. Status:    Done
  • Mentor Frances Hocutt (OPW). Status:    Done
  • Complete Security for developers/Architecture text. Status:    Done
  • Organize five architecture meetings/RFC reviews. Status:    Done
  • Choose data/dev hub APIs to cover. Status:    Done
  • Assemble and publish the engineering report for June. Status:    Done
  • Follow up on support requests (e.g. blog post reviews). Status:    Done
  • Get the weekly tech newsletter assembled, published, translated and delivered (with help). Status:    Done
  • Prepare Wikimania sessions and presentation. Status:    Done
  • Coordinate collaboration between newsletters (Tech News, VisualEditor, Wikidata, Education) and help to set up multilingual delivery. Status:    Done, see notably m:Newsletters/Translation
  • (if confirmed) Write series of blog posts for the one-year anniversary of VisualEditor, highlighting the work done over the past years. Status:    Not done, postponed to August
  • Phabricator (driving tasks): Get Alpha instance up and running; work on consensus on configuration settings Status:    In progress
  • (With Quim) Set up workflow for having a regular, easy "bug of the week" for new code contributors, with rotating support of Wikimedia development teams (based on Annoying little bugs) Status:    Not done: planning page created on 2014-07-02 targetting end of July
  • Have a Pywikibot bugday with the Pywikibot hackers around the end of July Status:    Done - summary email; wiki page