Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2014-07-01

July 1Edit

June updateEdit

Guillaume - happy with prioritisation but does want to get more done on the VE blog post series

  • Sumana notes that those posts are helpful to less confident technologists to see what is possible

Andre - glad for in-SF collab to get people to come to Bug Day - wants to work on Bug Of The Week - is now a puppet module for Phabricator, & OAuth is implemented OSBridge:

Q3 goalsEdit - based on Guillaume would welcome feedback on quarterly goals; does not think he especially needs assistance Andre: Legalpad (tool for trusted user stuff, Phabricator component) Q3 goals for Sumana:

   Developer Hub prototype
   Landing page, 3 projects showcased, 3 APIs documented
   API sandbox functional prototype
   Contribution process defined

Complicating factors: mentorship, vacation, wrapup of docs. Still somewhat optimistic though. Next step: prioritisation exercises


Open Source Bridge effectiveness Wikimania prep: need to follow up on Farrand email, prep talk