Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2014-04-22


  • TODO: Rachel to set up every-other-week chat with Sumana for "what does this mean?" ramp-up

ECT showcaseEdit

  • Andre & Guillaume - RfC for Phabricator etc. is not really showcase-amenable but we'll recap what we've done, where we are, the activity in, etc.
  • Sumana - super rough draft of performance guidelines, architecture guidelines, security guidelines
  • Sumana - upcoming RfC discussion schedule
  • Guillaume - Pending completion: Transclusion of Tech news on, and subscription templates on enwiki (also: RSS/Atom feeds! but that was done by odder)
  • Quim: Accepted projects for GSOC & OPW
  • Quim: Community metrics, performance indicators
  • Quim: Zürich hackathon pre-schedule

Archiving ECT meeting notesEdit

Can Guillaume archive the notes below from previous ECT meetings to the wiki? Please remove anything private if needed.

Phabricator RFCEdit

Quick recap