Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2014-03-18

ECT quarterly review

  • Let's make sure to ask our stakeholders questions where we can use their response to guide our actions

GSoC/OPW submissions

  • Unclear what is a microtask and who has the responsibility to assign & define it
  • is geographical diversity improving?
  • OPW

Data Developer Hub

  • We need to align plans, meeting this Thursday
  • Then we can start with basic decisions: where, what tech, the team...
  • Sumana will be the tech writer
  • There is a related OPW project idea
  • Beatiful, easy to use, something that developers with no idea about MediaWiki or Wikimedia can learn from and use
    • includes stuff for multiple learning styles - TL;DR, longer tutorial, etc.

Wikimedia Hackathon

  • Let's encourage local folks in other countries, e.g., India, to put on their own hackathons! Funding is available.