Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2014-03-04


Quarterly goals April - JuneEdit

We decided not to define them when Sumana was on sabbatical. We must define them now.

  • Add GSOC / OPW, a goal beyond "do them". To be discussed. Better selection process. Better preparation for mentors. Better bonding process.
  • Something about our first Facebook Open Academy
  • Architecture guidelines, performance guidelines
  • Project Management Tools: guidelines approved
  • Community metrics dashboard, we use it (welcoming newcomers, pushing sprints for bottlenecks...)
  • We systematically reach out to FLOSS projects we rely on

Discussion of systematic outreach to upstreams: goal is:

  • avoid bug reports falling through the cracks
  • give upstreams opportunity to give us special treatment :) and interview us, ask us for case studies, ask us what we want
  • have those often-quiet relationships, mailing list subscriptions in place to give us opportunities for summits, security releases, etc.

Let's discuss more and let's update the Engineering Goals next week.

March goalsEdit


  • quite overloaded, impossible list of tasks for this month, although I'd rather keep them than forgetting about them
  • many tasks are time based and can't be missed, difficult to delegate because the rest of the team is busy as well
  • proposing to pass the Index of Key Upstream Projects task to Andre/Guillaume (tools) and Sumana (components), Quim will send an email summarizing the situation


  • Sumana away March 24-28