Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2014-02-18


Bugzilla 4.4Edit

  • Bugzilla was upgraded to 4.4, moved to a new server, and puppetized. It also displays common queries on the front page now.

PM Tools taskEdit

  • Not to spend too much time playing with tools and reading their docs
  • Use list at
  • Guillaume thinks the array of tools should cover all infrastructure pieces, e.g. grouping like "Bugzilla + Gerrit + ..." when one tool does not cover all pieces.
  • List all options discussed, make clear it's a draft; below the cut we have tools that we won't discuss anymore and the reasons for this.
  • Guillaume & Andre to make a draft of the list of all tools
  • Make a cut (drop/discard some tools from list of candidates).
  • Email to teampractices@ to test the waters. "we have 9 tools, can we get to three? We need to clean the list / eliminate and focus the discussion."
  • Does the cut make sense? If not why?
  • Try to get agreement on the cut.
  • when things too silent, too noisy, or consensus: reach out to wider wikitech-l: We started gathering requirements, we worked with the teampractices@ list to prepare candidates, does this make any sense to you?

Then: prototypes and RFC?

RFC processEdit

  • weekly cadence of RFC meetings
  • have a defined scope for arch guidelines 1.0
list of requirements & nonreqs for this document -- including whether this needs to exist.
 person to start with: csteipp. the one who really wanted this to exist. get it out of architects' heads & into a doc to point to
so, know what this will need to look like. then use SF visit to fill that out, interview Brion for stuff
  • prioritization exercise -- use the clusters, have more sensible clustering. Have areas.
 immediately: scoping. what is process for having areas finalized. (tags?)
   question: for each area, who is architect or acting architect?
       define areas such that gaps are obvious.

[ask Roan about process of becoming architect]

architecture guidelines out of draft form by April 15? no

  • personal goal by April 15: feel like I've improved as MW developer

TODO: Sumana to suggest an ECT/VDC budget for 2014-2015

Reminder: Sumana at Code4Lib in March and PyCon in April

Sumana just read _Switch_ by the Heath brothers