Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2014-01-28

<qgil> guillom, sumanah hi, letś invade wikimedia-dev for a bit, since the hangout will not work for all of us today
<qgil> &

<guillom> qgil: One thing regarding planning is that i moved one item to February (publishing discovery reports)
<qgil> sumana-h, guillom Ok, I'll start. Nothing special to comment about my monthly goals. This week we will know more about the status of each OPW project.

<qgil> sumana-h, guillom I should be able to complete the first community metrics KPI this week, but the second might not be 100% ready yet.

<qgil> sumana-h, mmm not really, it is good that you both can focus your time in your own pending tasks. It's just about little details.

<guillom> I created a section for February goals btw

<qgil> sumana-h, guillom I'm meeting the Bitergia team at FOSDEM

<sumana-h> I found out that Erik actually just wanted a few ideas/facts from me for his FOSDEM talk, not as much prep as I thought, so I will be shooting those off to him hopefully today
<qgil> Yes, good idea. The ECT Showcase moved to the first week of February, but by next Tuesday each of us should have listed there their Feb goals

<sumanah> along the way I'll do some rough gardening re upstream projects
<sumanah> because part of what I want Erik to do is make specific upstream asks

<sumanah> guillom: I forwarded to someone looking to get into Wikimedia writing stuff - thank you for writing it

<sumanah> Today I'm finishing up my "what I learned at Hacker School" thing
<qgil> sumanah, sumanah about upstream projects, we should start from

<sumanah> guillom, and greg-g: (if you're there) - I would like to know more about what we ought to do re this week's Flow deployment - keep an eye out in BZ? communications? etc
<sumanah> if the Flow team + CLs already have it handled, great
<qgil> sumanah, I hope Erik pitches the projects we develop and we want to push as upstream. Is this also part of the information you plan to prepare?
<greg-g> I don't know the status, just that it was cancelled, I emailed spage for an update last night, but he hasn't responded yet (reasonably)
<guillom> sumanah: I don't know anything about that deployment, actually

<qgil> sumanah, quiddity might know more

<guillom> A quick update on the tools review project: Andre has been reaching out to stakeholders, sending reminders, etc and I'm in the process of summarizing the information they've provided. I'm doing this off-wiki for now but I'll be bale to post it on mw.o in the next couple days

<sumanah> qgil: when you say "the projects we develop and we want to push as upstream" I'm not quite sure whether you mean stuff like the jQuery libraries that Language Team developed, where we want other projects to adopt them in general, or something else

<qgil> sumanah, e.g. Parsoid

<qgil> sumanah, yes, projects that we would love others to use as well, out of MediaWiki / Wikimedia

<sumanah> qgil: I think of VE as something we want other projects to adopt as their WYSIWYG editor - it sounds like you would like other projects to adopt Parsoid as well?
<qgil> sumanah, Limn was another example, not sure how actively the Analytics team wants to push it today

<qgil> sumanah, well yes, VE means Parsoid. The idea was that ECT starts this list based on whatever we know about the teams'intentions, and then we polish the list based on further reality checks

<qgil> sumanah, is a good place to look at. If we want to push a project to become upstream for tohers then it should be listed there

<greg-g> VE means parsoid only if it's wikitext <-> html5, right?
<guillom> indeed
<greg-g> VE with only html5 doesn't need parsoid, I think.
<guillom> I think the goal is to have a standalone VE using HTML storage at some point (for 3rd parties, not us)c

<qgil> greg-g, in any case afaik the Parsoid team has intentions of pushing that project as a generic solution for others. The point of the list is precisely to know which are these projects, how realistic it is to promote them beyond MediaWiki/Wikimedia, and whether we are really planning & resourcing to become good upstream maintainers

<guillom> qgil: btw we started advertising Tech news on social media channels this week

<qgil> greg-g, sumanah one of the main reasons to get a FOSDEM talk for Erik was to have an opportunity to promote these projects and start having conversations. I hope we don't miss this chance.

<qgil> Also to highlight the upstream projects we rely on, also to improve our collaboration with these projects.

<sumanah> qgil: Yup, we're on the same page. That's what Erik's going to do and thus part of what I'm helping give him.