Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2014-01-21


Monthly goals

  • Guillaume
    • January report delayed due to holidays etc, but it is shipped now.
    • Tech News is being shipped consistenly with the help of Odder, which is a great step in the way to consolidation. Some WMF product managers are also updating directly. Some progress.
  • Andre
    • Bugzilla 4.4 ready to go; waiting for Daniel, Sean and Andre need to agree on time when to switch database and DNS
    • Stakeholders of "PM tools evaluation" were individually contacted as a reminder to fill out the form
      • Slowly need to move from documenting needs to analyzing answers and decreasing number of candidates
  • Sumana
    • not started FOSDEM prep stuff
    • may move upstream list to Feb
    • In San Francisco in the next following two weeks.
  • Quim

Budget 2014-15, what does this mean for ECT

  • Do we need more people? Do we need more volunteer development budget?
  • Sponsoring volunteers to Wikimedia events, FOSS OPW...