Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-12-17


January - March quarterly plans

  • Each team member elaborating on their Jan-Mar 2014 plans on Engineering_Community_Team#January_to_March_2014
  • Looks good so far. We will polish the plan when Sumana is back on January
  • Project Management Tools, outreach programs and FOSDEM will take most of the work
  • Rebooting Annoying little bugs might be dropped if we are too busy


  • All in all on track
  • Andre will probably drop tasks depending on Bugzilla 4.4
  • Guillaume and Quim will probably drop/change Google Code-in tasks to be created
  • Holidays: Andre basically off since the 20th until the end of the month, although he will keep an eye on urgent Bugzilla reports. Guillaume and Quim well take some days off here and there, but keeping an eye on Google Code-in.
  • Guillaume and Andre to start defining questions/topics and setting up meetings with PM tools evaluation stakeholders but we don't expect a lot of progress during the holidays.

General planning

  • The problem about having to keep plans in different places can be solved by using LSTransclusion
  • The current planning format seems to work better to organize our work and communicate what is going on