Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-10-01


Experimenting with ECT meetings

  • Quim: would like to work more as a team. We're working well as individuals at the moment, and it's working well overall, but we might be able to work even better together
  • Also, we ought to work more closely with liaisons, community advocacy and the communications team at the WMF
  • And work more closely with "the community" (discussion about what this entails exactly)
  • Monthly check-in: what did we do, and what would we like to do. (reuse monthly report)
  • i.e. like quarterly review, but more lightweight and monthly. Also relates to Rob's wish of getting that monthly showcase of what was done.
  • And liaisons / LCA / Comms could be invited to that monthly retrospective / sync-up
  • One public Google hangout per month; two week later office hour on IRC
  • Release management and QA have now their own meeting. Still invited optionally to ECT meetings and we are open to topics proposed by them.