Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-07-09

July 9thEdit

ULS & ml.wikiEdit

SUL release: This bug report is instructive about how SUL will behave. Note the two redirects upon logging in to an SUL wiki. working with Amir on a browser test for Malayam ULS: . The behavior of CTRL-M In this situation is not yet clear.

Today's quarterly reviewEdit lessons learned - talk about code review backlog - fixed

  • metrics, specific focus areas to widen bottlenecks, figuring out how to do maintainership right - will address

nuance re "lack of awareness" - fixed nuance re pm volunteers - fixed quim to give women OPW/GSoC stats remove [1] - fixed Goals: 10+ volunteers writing automated tests? now 6: fixed add to "next" that Guillaume on VE for 1/3 of this quarter - fixed demote community metrics thing - fixed Open questions if we have time:

  • are there changes we need to be making to What are your pain points?
  • coding and review bottlenecks we want to fix:
   are JavaScript and security the top priorities?
   Tech talks & helping produce & curate videos/tutorials - ok approach?
   What about performance and Puppetization?


  • No need to chat, but for Quim needs your input on KEY metrics, things that help measuring our performance or making decisions e.g. "time to resolve bugs", "time to resolve gerrit changesets", etc.
    • +1 to time to resolve gerrit changesets
    • also, # of open changesets (not opened)
    • break down by branch? eg 1.21 vs 1.22 dev cycles comparison
  • Also Quim wants to say Thank You for the Tech News. It's been several weeks now and the quality / interest stands. Well done!
    Please share this with user:odder, who's been doing an awesome job on tech news, sometimes doing all the work
    I will. Quim.

Upcoming changes/datesEdit

  • Guillaume possibly a couple days off in August/September; will provide tentative dates as soon as they're known
  • Andre:
    • July Wed31-August Mon05: GNOME GUADEC (Brno/CZ)
    • August Wed07-August Mon12: Wikimania (Hongkong/PRC)
    • October Fri04-Sun06: Mozilla Summit 2013
  • Sumana
    • July 16th: all-day meeting
  • Quim flying to Germany this weekend, will work from there until Wikimania, except
    • Quim on holidays July 24-31. Then flying to Hong Kong on Aug 2.
  • Željko:
  • July: some unavailability
    • August 16-18, eurucamp, Berlin, Germany (maybe, waiting for reply if my workshop is accepted, not likely)
    • September 6-7, BalCCon, Novi Sad, Serbia (talk accepted!)
    • November 7, SQA Days-14, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Chris:
    • Aug 4-10 Agile2013 - "radically open software testing"

Other conference deadlines:

  • LCA : July 20th
  • FOSDEM - with Siebrand, Quim is chasing FOSDEM people :) - as soon as there is a call for devrooms/booths Quim will start discussion