Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-06-25

25 June 2013Edit

2013-14 goalsEdit

What gadgets & gadget-like functionality would we especially encourage people to test with automated browser tests?

  • HotCat
  • Twinkle
  • Things that make your watchlist more interesting
  • Commons stuff
  • (also bots?)

Might be 2 projects:

  1. analysis of what gadgets are available & used on the real projects (including which ones are used with each other)
  2. supporting important/default gadgets in beta and helping write automated tests for them; Twinkle & some other gadgets are available in beta - QA/WMF to be primary developers of tests for MW core/extensions we deploy, but gadgets testing - volunteers

"ECT - talking more to our upstreams" - Sumana's contribution

  • do this via bug reports if possible -- upstreaming tickets, pasting link to WM bugzilla
  • next step: provide fixes. Some people in WMF already do this.
  • identifying key projects - should start with a few to not get completely lost. For some, we have some key candidates in company who are account managers :) ..... maybe start talking with these people, learning best practices, coordinating
  • but maybe it's most important to find things that are dropping on the floor

growing tech ambassadors membership - we do want more awareness, more dialog & 2-way communication

  • how many people are receiving the newsletter? - need to be cautious about how we analyze them (e.g. many community pages are subscribed, but we don't know how many, or how few, people look at them and read the newsletter)
  • weekly Tech News contribution -- Guillaume is not the one doing most of the work -- got there earlier than expected. Guillaume spends maybe ~3 hrs/weekly on it, but just created new tool to make things easier (let's see!)

To continue discussion in email .... by Thursday .... and then Friday to mail wikitech-l for thoughts


Conferences etc.Edit

  • Guillaume possibly a couple days off in August; will provide tentative dates as soon as they're known
  • Andre:
    • July Fri05: Public holiday in CZ
    • July Wed31-August Mon05: GNOME GUADEC (Brno/CZ)
    • August Wed07-August Mon12: Wikimania (Hongkong/PRC)
    • October Fri04-Sun06: Mozilla Summit 2013
  • Sumana
    • Thurs of this week - traveling
  • Quim on holidays July 24-31. Then flying to Hong Kong on Aug 2.
  • Željko:
    • August 16-18, eurucamp, Berlin, Germany talk not accepted :(
    • September 6-7, BalCCon, Novi Sad, Serbia (maybe, waiting for reply if my talk is accepted)
  • Chris:
    • Aug 4-10 Agile2013 - "radically open software testing"