Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-06-03

3 June 2013Edit

Yearly reviewEdit



  • TODO: Sumana to give Guillaume some names/email of people to test this out

wikimedia-l thread/rules for volunteers' participation: Andre figuring out policy re adminship in BZ, groups - aim for early June for having a policy stated

  • progress being made; waiting for legal

Quim to consider how to work with intern re June testing activities

Chris, any preferred days to come to the Bay Area for Browser testing activity?
  • Quim, I might be headed north around the weekend of June 15, so the Friday before or Monday after might be good. I can be available other times as well.


  • Met with Rachel about a test plan/charter for VE tests; VE test automation spike is checked in and working; including James Forrester.
    • TODO: set soft deadline for test charter
  • Groundwork on the new QA list, more information and publicity for that coming.
  • Writing and deploying ULS tests; working through issues this exposes, particularly with behavior for anonymous users
  • Ongoing build maintenance with Zeljko: we handled a lot of debt in Amsterdam, still tweaking tests and environments

Scheduling ECT quarterly review - late June, may go into July Future: Add Rachel (OPW intern) to meetings

Other conferences/datesEdit

  • Guillaume possibly a couple days off in June or July; will provide tentative dates as soon as they're known
  • Andre:
    • June Tue11-Mon17: San Francisco
    • June Tue18-Fri21: OpenSourceBridge (Portland/Oregon)
    • July Wed31-August Mon05: GNOME GUADEC (Brno/CZ)
    • August Wed07-August Mon12: Wikimania (Hongkong/PRC)
    • October Fri04-Sun06: Mozilla Summit 2013
  • Sumana
    • Some time traveling or training in June, + OSBridge
  • Quim vaguely thinking on some holidays in July. Specific dates coming soon.
  • Željko:
    • June 10-12, Selenium Conference, Boston, MA, USA
    • August 16-18, eurucamp, Berlin, Germany talk not accepted :(
    • September 6-7, BalCCon, Novi Sad, Serbia (maybe, waiting for reply if my talk is accepted)
  • Chris:
    • Aug 4-10 Agile2013 - "radically open software testing"