Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-04-16

April 16 2013Edit


Signal-to-noise is good. We're pushing new people to useful pages right away and there are mentors around and students are getting mentors' respect. GSoC looks good. OPW - we have requests, mostly overlapping with GSoC. Greg to consider mentoring a release manager intern

  • Aayush251 would like to submit browser test automation project for GSOC; Quim will reply
  • rachel99 is interested in browser test automation project for OPW

High-priority escalationsEdit

seems stable Andre/Greg Monday meetings help

Weekly Bugzilla reportEdit

Guillaume: any weekly tech summary ought to link to weekly BZ summary. Don't include all of it, but definitely link & perhaps decide on 1 or 2 most-relevant metrics to include

MariaDB rolloutEdit

  • Communcations: Look out for a blog post from Asher this week
  • errors for Andre to watch out for: replag. If there are big big problems Ops will catch it.

LevelUp working/not workingEdit

on whether people get the time they need to do this stuff. We need to make it not feel like a distraction, like it's hyper-auxiliary. More integrated into our overall set of goals. Better alignment of mentoring activities with overall goals we're trying to achieve as an eng org. Plus managers impressing importance of this.

  • graph - data -might be useful

Wikimania & Amsterdam hackathonEdit

Wikimania: April 30th is the submission deadline; What shall we submit?


  • Sumana needs to help wrangle tutorials for Amsterdam hackathon prep


  • Is anyone waiting on an urgent response from Guillaume? (finishing to catch up, but if you need something to be moved to the top of the list, please say so)
  • Testing activities: We need to assure more participation before getting events where we get 3-5 participants.

Vacations, conferences, etc.Edit


  • June is weird


  • a few days around Amsterdam (likely May 20 - May 26)
  • Open Source Bridge Conference, Portland, (June 18–21), likely SF before or after


  • May 18-23 Amsterdam with my family
  • May 23-27, Wikimedia Hackathon, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • June 10-12, Selenium Conference, Boston, MA, USA
  • Submitted talks/workshops for a couple of local open source conferences, waiting for reply (May 15-17, September 06-07)
  • maybe August 14-18, JRubyConf (August 14-15) + European Ruby Camp (August 16-18), both in Berlin, Germany


  • Apr 22-25 (Google Test Automation Conference, NYC)
  • May 2-5 (Telerik Test Summit Peer Conference, Austin TX)
  • May 13-17 relocating, details TBD
  • May 24-26, Wikimedia Hackathon, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Aug 4-10 Agile2013 - "radically open software testing"