Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-03-19

March 19thEdit

General requestsEdit

Previous volunteer eventsEdit

Mobile upload:

   Number of people who tried to upload at least one picture (new users): 34. 9 for iOS and 28 for Android.
   21 non-WMF people used the mobile web upload features, and they uploaded a total of 30 images.

QA: Browser automation testing for Wikipedia Search Was it successful?

  • Chris wanted to see ~10 edits to the backlog page
    • 6 scenarios added from the exercise
  • How many people whom we didn't expect make the edits? And how many of them are not WMFers? Goal: 5 scenarios written by 5 volunteers
    • 7 participants, one not connected to WMF
    • "7" includes Valerie & Sucheta.
  • Note: the IRC channel was observed, and at least one non-participant IRC observer complimented the exercise.

In the future: let's try doing it in longer form, not so synchronous

Next volunteer eventEdit

What's the next exercise? How will we do outreach?

  • Features testing partnering with Weekend Testing scheduled Apr 6, targeting E3 projects "New Tools for New Users" or similar . Public announcements week of Mar 25.
  • predefine what data we want so we can get it from partner teams better

OPW wrapupEdit

  • Quim has set up meetings with all mentor/mentee pairs, an all-hands at end

Search bugsEdit

Search is nominally functioning on beta labs, but should be tested using enwiki as a reference. Andre at some point wants to push for consensus to reduce # of search components in BZ

  • ask Ram & Chad

Bugzilla admin rightsEdit

From February conversation:

Come up with guidelines and requirements who should be Bugzilla admin and why. Nothing in place currently, number growing -> coordination and security issue, plus do non-employees need an NDA? RFC planned for later this week by Andre.


  • No feedback by Geoff. Philippe said that an NDA is definitely needed (Bugzilla admin = access to Security bug reports), and "whether we want to even allow it" (non-WMF Bugzilla admins) "at all, that's an Engineering decision", so the ball is back in our court.
    • Is it possible to have a lower level of access than admin that will still be helpful?
    • Decision: Andre to come up with proposed policy and bring it up at an Ops meeting, where they will probably agree, and then implement it.

Vacations & conferencesEdit


  • Easter Holidays from Fri March29 - Mon April01 (that's public holidays here)

OSBridge talk deadline extended Saturday, March 23 at 11:59 p.m. Texas Linux Fest: deadline April 1st

maybe ?

Consider , Valerie! Željko:

   out of office for Platform Engineering team meeting this week, attending local bi-monthly software tester's meetup
   May 24-26, Amsterdam Hackathon
   June 10-12, Selenium Conference
   Submitted talks/workshops for a couple of local open source conferences, waiting for reply (May 15-17, September 06-07)


   Apr 22-25 (Google Test Automation Conference, NYC)
   May 2-5 (Telerik Test Summit Peer Conference, Austin TX)
   May 24-26 Amsterdam Hackathon
   Aug 4-10 Agile2013 (not certain but likely)


  • Somewhat out of communication Thursday & Friday due to SMWCon in NYC