Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-03-12

March 12th agendaEdit

Quim: drafting - early feedback welcome.

mobile file upload testingEdit

Was the mobile team happy? was it useful?

yes. It was a release-like experience - public pressure from real users. Helped them understand what they have for users.
We ought to narrow the topic *further* - mobile app OR mobile web.

For testing activities, CLEAR STEPS ARE ESSENTIAL.

It wasn't obvious whether people needed to be registered. It's not trivial for the average Wikipedia user to figure that out.
Maybe the first exercise should have been signin/register workflow. AND ONLY THAT.

What were the numbers? After Quim gets the data, let's talk about whether this was successful & why, & how to replicate We don't know how many people were involved.

We'll have better data this week because Željko, Quim & Chris will be the ones who already have that data
In the future, predefine what data we want so we can get it from partner teams better

This week's search exerciseEdit

QA: Browser automation testing for Wikipedia Search What are the success metrics?

Chris would like to see ~10 edits to the backlog page
How many people whom we didn't expect make the edits? And how many of them are not WMFers?
Goal: 5 scenarios written by 5 volunteers

for the next one, let's get it together further in advance.

Lua rolloutEdit

March 13th. Just be aware. - community-focused post

Sumana drafting technical post for this Wed.


  • Valerie finishing blog post
  • Mariya working on draft of data sources guide, FAQ

Quim: final showcase/meeting?

Next week: Quim meeting each mentor/mentee pair to ask how things are going; last week, a get-together


OSBridge talk deadline extended Saturday, March 23 at 11:59 p.m.

Consider , Valerie!


  • May 24-26, Amsterdam Hackathon
  • June 10-12, Selenium Conference
  • Submitted talks/workshops for a couple of local open source conferences, waiting for reply (May 15-17, September 06-07)


  • Mar 11 (Jury duty)
  • Mar 18 (PTO)
  • Apr 22-25 (Google Test Automation Conference, NYC)
  • May 2-5 (Telerik Test Summit Peer Conference, Austin TX)
  • May 24-26 Amsterdam Hackathon
  • Aug 4-10 Agile2013 (not certain but likely)

Valerie looking for an idea for Grace Hopper - March 15th is deadline Time off:

  • Chris: day off Mar 18
  • Sumana: day off this Thursday Mar 14