Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-02-26

26 FebEdit

Meetings this weekEdit

  • today - ECT quarterly review, 11:30-1:30
  • Wikidata discussion today
  • Jenkins test isolation today 1PM
  • Testing products and features today 4:00 -- QA prioritizing some projects over others
  • Luis, re Toolserver: Wed 8am
  • Asheesh & OpenHatch: Wed 8:30am
  • Giant budget meetings - Wed afternoon 1-4
  • Testing E2 Wed 3PM
  • Lua/Scribunto outreach - Thurs 11am
  • Techtalk (Hangout): 12:30pm Thursday - Željko on browser test automation - Quim as driver
  • Beta labs/MobileFrontend Thu 12:30PM (if necessary)
  • MediaWiki core quarterly review - Thurs afternoon
  • TechOps brownbag: Friday noon

To schedule:

  • Josh & Katie - meet with Andre & Guillaume & Sumana - how to publicize DonationInterface/Smashpig work - Thurs or Fri

Bug managementEdit

talk about how far into rt management we're going, in bug mgmt

       How often should we have escalation & triage meetings? & with whom?
           Depends on the area.  Every 2 weeks triage for rotten bugs.  Every week for fresh bugs.
                     - Bug days are every two weeks
                     - alternate between 'fresh' and 'rotten' bugs, so fresh bugs and rotten bugs once a month, if that makes sense.

Bug mgmt -- is he always checking new bugs in preference to old ones? and what order is he tackling them in? General info on "urgent"/important bug handling:

Uploading photos on mobile -- outreach tacticsEdit

Review of agenda for quarterly meetingEdit

Upcoming talksEdit

March 9th - OSBridge deadline Amsterdam - this week there will be decisions re attendance Željko's talk re Selenium was accepted! June Bug Day Blog Posts Drafts: