Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-02-12

12 Feb 2013Edit

Bug managementEdit

  • QA/Weekly Goals:
  • Rotten bugs next week: Retest/triage AFTv5 bugs? (currently discussed in email with fflorin etc. - first needs better documentation which AFT designs are obsolete) -- andre
  • Low-key AFTv5 community test underway, next one TBD.
  • Feb 11 QA: Write your first Test Scenario in plain English
Chris to postpone this due to conflict


documentation on, wikitech, meta: ongoing discussion on wikitech-l Conferences, travel, etc.

  • Chris has been invited to Google Test Automation Conference April 23-24, would really like to go.
  • Chris and Zeljko in SF Feb 18-Mar 1
  • Andre in SF Feb24-Mar3
  • Guillaume in SF Feb 25 to Mar 1


  • GSoC
  • IEG in case anyone wants to discuss their statuses