Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-01-22

Jan 22Edit

Agenda for Jan 22Edit

  • Read each other's statuses and ask questions
  • Calendar of opportunities for volunteer involvement, as discussed on wikitech-l: Guillaume is planning to tackle this this week, but Quim said he was drafting something up
  • Travel plans
  • Solidify community testing event for VE Jan 30.
  • EQIAD migration starts TODAY and runs all week. (in case you didn't know)
  • ECT people, When you have a moment please read Guillaume's e-mails from today and comment if appropriate. One of them is about additions to the mw:Roadmap page

Travel &c.Edit

QA: Zeljko presenting at FOSDEM Feb 2 Zeljko and Chris in SF Feb 18-Mar 1 Chris submitting proposals for Agile2013, GTAC, possibly SeConf, OSBridge :-) for purposes of Groups/marketing, OSBridge :-) (no guarantees of being accepted) Everybody: get back to Doreen ASAP re Feb/March get-together?

  • Sumana to look into Wikimania & Amsterdam events (ECT & QA people attending) decision procedure.