Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-01-17

Jan 17 2013Edit

Andre did -- check it out! Quim waiting for response re wheel thread on wikitech-l


QA last week: extending automated test coverage (espec re EQIAD migration) continues

Building community -- test exercise for Echo canceled

  • Quim rethinking how we do test exercises

MobileFrontend in beta labs - spike on the 14th successful, Max/Antoine/Arthur proceeding Current policy: code deployed to beta has to have been merged to the master branch. This will probably be too restrictive for mobile & AFT. This discussion will have to occur at some point soon.

Trying out a meeting revampEdit

Guillaume agrees with Quim that we (ECT, QA, PM...) tend to work in silos even though we talk to each other regularly. We may not have a holistic & collaborative enough approach, and we would probably benefit from more coordination with what we all do So, for next week:

  • We will invite Mariya and Valerie
  • Have your activity statuses updated reasonably recently before the weekly meeting, and read each other's statuses before the meeting
  • At the start of the meeting we will hash out an agenda of stuff to talk about together to collaborate on a higher level


Travel - Feb 25 - Mar 1 ? :)

  • Zeljko and Chris will arrive around Feb 18

FOSDEM upcoming - Filipin is giving a talk. Quim helping with merchandise