Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-01-03 QA:

  • Goal: January 4th, have all the browser automation docs refactored
    • This is on track but is also ongoing :-)
    • On Monday - have someone from target audience playtest the docs
  • MobileFrontend on beta - Michelle is leading that
  • "First substantive systematic outreach to potential testers (possibly via CentralNotice banners)"
    • Echo is now deployed to and has a basic testplan. Having more eyeballs will be useful. Quim & Chris discussed. Quim to check in with Fabrice & Kaldari today
  • RobLa: we need very good general-purpose coverage for the data center migration Jan 22
    • There are 3 or 4 useful browser tests in the QA backlog -- features known to be fragile
    • Chris created a NPP test & found it's broken in IE7 & IE6
    • Chris to move the checklist from an etherpad to a wiki today


  • Andre's blog post:
  • Bug days will be monthly
    • Bug day may be connected to some other testing
      • For bug triage: look statistically at components that look like a mess or people who have a lot of tickets assigned to them (e.g. Chris Steipp?)
      • Look at to help QA add backlog items for problems that manifest in the UI
  • Andre to look at his table of who runs what components & possibly share/publish
  • Guillaume Paumier: "As a quick note, I'd love to get some feedback on ; I'm going to discuss it with a few other people as well, but people in this group probably have comments and opinions on it."
    • He's tried to shorten it - please read it in its entirety.
    • Anything confusing? a good idea?
      • RobLa & Sumana: look on ambassadors talkpage re difference between product manager & ambassador
      • RobLa believes the ambassadors page should at least allude to PMs -- at least link to a place that exists (maybe link to the blog post) agreed, Guillaume will add it as well as the How to contribute link suggested by Quim

Reminder to have monthly statuses for the monthly report this week!

Misc notesEdit

Chris will submit a talk to an Agile testing conference