Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-12-27

Goal: January 4th, have all the browser automation docs refactored Browser testing group ought to have at least one non-WMF person in it DevOps/CI: something that is a near-future concern for Chris Rob wants to make our deployment system very bulletproof & automated Antoine, Ryan, Chris, Timo, & RobLa all have slightly different visions? Now that Zuul is in place & Jenkins can talk to Gerrit, people are doing "wacky stuff" & there is no guidance

  • Toolserver
  • hiring
  • goals

"First substantive systematic outreach to potential testers (possibly via CentralNotice banners)"

   move to early Q3

2 product managers/wranglers - not done "Approximately 6 volunteer sysadmins, 10 testers, 2 product managers/wranglers, 5 documenters, 3 user groups" - Sumana to check Chris to write up his training ideas; Filipin to possibly turn his FOSDEM talk idea into a training for MediaWiki community